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8 responses to “The Podcasts

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  2. Thanks for the useful information, especially the cheap eats. The two of you seem to have an exhaustive knowledge of vegan food in Portland.

    I also enjoy the conversational format. I hope you keep doing this!

  3. Love your podcast on vegan cheeses. I was at Bob’s Red Mill and was shocked to learn that they use Daiya cheese (and sell it) in the menu items. I had a delicious peppers and onion saute with Daiya cheese on a whole wheat hoagie.

  4. Greetings;

    I’m a PSU Film student and am doing a documentary on Veganism in Portland for my final project in the winter term of our Documentary Production class.

    I’d like to know if you, your store, and/or your employees and customers, would be willing to be included in the project. I’d like to do some shots of the shop and interviews in the next two/three weeks. The final product will be 7-10 minutes, and copies and/or links will be provided to participants.

    For the doc. I am interested in looking at both the vegan diet and the “vegan lifestyle”, folks who eschew animal products of any kind, in any form.

    Our course, a three term series, is taught by Steve Amen, Executive Producer of The Oregon Field Guide and we strive to reach the quality of production and interesting subject matter that the Field Guide reaches.

    Personally, I’m a long time vegetarian, sometimes vegan.

    Thanks for your time.

    Bruce Rash

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