This listing was originally compiled for various podcasts and the Try Vegan Guide to PDX. We’ve created this page as a guide for locals & tourists – please leave a comment if you have any suggestions, or would like more specific recommendations.

The Stumptown Vegans are two vegan bloggers who have been writing restaurant reviews and taking photos of of vegan-friendly restaurant food in the Portland area, and beyond, since 2007.

The Stumptown Vegans Present: The Top 10 Must-Go Food Spots for Vegan Tourists

While Portland is a vegan heaven for many tourists, it can be daunting to know where to start. We are here to help with our website and this list of top food spots to visit in Portland.  In no particular order, of course.

  1. Visit at least 2 of the 3 all vegan bakery store fronts!  They are Sweetpea  Baking Co., Back to Eden Bakery & Boutique, and Dovetail Bakery.  We’re sure you’ll have favorites from each!
  2. Portobello Vegan Trattoria: Their housemade fresh pastas, excellent pizzas, flavorful sauces, impressive menu, and stunning new location will put any doubt about vegan Italian food being boring to rest. We think people write love letters to their gnocchi.
  3. Blossoming Lotus: Their raw food cannot be beat in this city.  If you’re not into raw or cannot decide, try the chef’s special and some live fudge.
  4. VooDoo Doughnut: The Magic is in the hole, and in vegan yeasted and cake donuts. Stumptown Vegans favorites include Apple Fritters, Portland Cream, and the Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate.
  5. The Vegan Mini Mall experience: Sweets, sandwiches,vegan wallets, community, and the obligatory produce tattoo.
  6. NE Alberta: Take a long stroll and stop by a few of the following: Back to Eden Bakery Boutique, Dovetail Bakery, Vita Cafe, Mash Tun Brewpub, Townshend’s Tea, various vegan-friendly food carts, Pie Footwear, Held Belts, the quintessential Bye & Bye, and much more.
  7. Food Carts: They’re a way of life in Portland, and we even have a bunch of veg-specific. A few Stumptown Vegan favorites: D.C. Vegetarian, Potato Champion, Flavour Spot, Whiffies, Just Thai, Native Bowl, Home Grown Smoker, etc.
  8. Los Gorditos: They may not be all vegan, but they’re a huge supporter of the vegan community and offer a complete vegan menu at both their Taqueria and original food cart. Stumptown Vegan favorites: Soyrizo Mulita, Nachos, or the daily special.
  9. Specialty Shopping: Of course, check out the renowned Vegan Mini Mall; for all the bulk grains you can handle visit Bob’s Red Mill Store; you can get your salt and chocolate in one stop at The Meadow on Mississippi; Pie Footwear has some classy vegan shoes; and don’t forget to roam the isles of our unique grocery stores like Food Fight! (go now!), New Seasons, International Foods Supply (attached to Ya Hala Lebanese), Island Foods, Fubonn, and Uwajimaya.
  10. Thai Food: Portland’s quantity of Thai restaurants is outstanding, and the availability of casual, vegan-friendly Thai restaurants is just as impressive. Check out Vege Thai, Thai Food Cafe, Pad Thai Kitchen, Sweet Lemon, Just Thai, and more.

The Stumptown Vegans Present: Portland’s Top Ten Vegan Brunch/Breakfast Spots (and recommended item(s):

Roll out of bed, grab your coffee or juice, bike, and enjoy Portland’s favorite meal – Brunch. Here are our favorites in no particular order.

  1. Vita Cafe: Tofurkey Florentine, or for a more traditional breakfast try the thick slices of Vegan French Toast.
  2. Junior’s Cafe: We wish this place was our little secret, but we can share! Order the Superhero Scramble with veggie sausage.
  3. Hungry Tiger Too: Giant Pancake, Greek Scramble.
  4. Jam on Hawthorne: Curry Scramble, Chai Blueberry Panckes
  5. Sweetpea Baking Co.: Sunday brunch buffet: $10 for an all you can eat vegan buffet and a hip social scene. Their unbelievably fluffy, flaky biscuits are not to be missed.
  6. Flavour Spot: The Vegan Maple Sausage (One of the Stumptown Vegans may have bought their house based on its proximity to the cart…)
  7. Blossoming Lotus: Pesto Scramble. Or, anything because it’s the classiest vegan brunch in town.
  8. Laurelthirst: The mysterious weekday-only Blueberry pancakes.  Their fluffiness rivals even the non-vegan pancakes in town.
  9. Paradox Cafe: A Portland vegan institution serving brunch all day. Consider the corn cakes or creamy Tofu Florentine.
  10. Ruby Dragon: This cart exemplifies delicious vegan hippy food and serves one of Portland’s few tempeh scrambles, along with raved-about quinoa pancakes.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Tube: Where else can you get a mimosa bucket and chocolate beer pancakes? Note: opens at 11am and sadly, on hiatus for the time being.
  • Bloop! Oatmeal cart: Apple Cider Oatmeal.  The oatmeal cooked at this cart is served with a side of love.
  • Slappy Cakes: Vegan Pancakes.  While they might not be the best or fluffiest, go for the of making your own funny shaped pancakes on the tabletop griddle. It’s called novelty!
  • Suzette’s Crepes: best vegan crepes in Portland – order the savoury Marsala Soaked Fig crepe.

The Stumptown Vegans Present: Portland’s Top Ten Vegan Bowls

This listing was originally compiled for a Stumptown Vegans podcast episode about Healthy Spring Dining. The bowls are listed in no particular order. All are vegan with a base of grains, excluding noodles, and are ideally, served in a bowl!

1. Broadway Bowl, Native Bowl
2. Chili Bowl, Prasad
3. Veganized Whole Bowl, The Whole Bowl
4. Design your own, Chaos Cafe
5. Design your own, Blossoming Lotus
6. Pineapple Curry Bowl, Sonny Bowl
7. BBQ Brussel Bowl, The Bye & Bye
8. New Seasons Wok
9.  Jefferson Teriyaki Bowl, Chef Naoko
10. Yumm! Bowl, Cafe Yumm

The Stumptown Vegans Present: 25 Great Vegan Foods for $7 or Less

The Stumptown Vegans have painstakingly compiled this listing of 25 Great Vegan Foods for $7 or Less in Portland, OR.  They are listed in no particular order.
We purposely stayed away from happy hours deals, where some of these items may be even less expensive!

25 Great Vegan Foods for $7 or Less:

  1. Steak and Cheese at D.C. Vegetarian $5
  2. Vegan Club at Backspace $7
  3. Small plate at Portobello Vegan Trattoria $7
  4. Misoyaki Eggplant at Miho Izakaya $6
  5. Vegan Apple Fritter at VooDoo Doughnuts $2.25
  6. Maple Sausage Waffle at Flavourspot $5
  7. Vegan slice at Dove Vivi $3.75
  8. Broadway Bowl at Native Bowl $6 for Regular
  9. Tofu Salad Bun at Pho PDX $7
  10. Falafel Sandwich at Hush Hush $5.50
  11. Eggplant Tofu: Just Thai $5
  12. Lunch Special (entree, summer roll, drink) at Thai Basil cart $5
  13. Fries and dip at Potato Champion $3.50 regular, $4.50 large
  14. Frito Pie at Fixin’ To $7
  15. The Jade Abbot at The Ruby Dragon $4.50, single
  16. Chicken Salad Sub at D.C. Vegetarian $5
  17. Lunch Buffet at Green Wok $6.50
  18. NoPo Burrito at Proper Eats $6.50
  19. Tempeh Things (buffalo or bbq) at The Mash Tun Brewpub $6.95
  20. Pad Thai at Thai Food Cafe $7
  21. Big Lunch Special at Bombay Chaat House $5
  22. Biscuits & Gravy special at Sweetpea Baking Co.
  23. Fried Pie at Whiffies Fried Pies $3-4
  24. Wok Bar at New Seasons $6.95
  25. Weeping Tiger Sandwich at The Bye & Bye $7

Honorable Mentions:

  • Taqueria Los Gorditos – the cart and taqueria. Nachos? Torta? Soy Curl Mulita?
  • Anything from Sip!
  • Field Roast sandwich at East Side Deli
  • Biscuits & Almond Gravy at Vita Cafe and Paradox Cafe $3-5
  • Side of Organic Smash Coconut Yams at Papa G’s $3.85

33 responses to “Portland

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  2. This list is rad! Can’t wait to try most of these, but limited by the last few months of adult braces. That’s right, no crusty bread or nuts. So, I eat vegan soft burritos from Laughing Planet when I am desperate for something quick. Their bowls are good too and all their desserts are vegan. Thanks for the info!

  3. El Nutri Taco (http://www.elnutritaco.net/) should make the list…while their restaurant is on Woodstock somewhere, what’s really exciting for those in Northeast, is they have a cart around 22nd where the old laundromat used to be. They have a great selection of vegan Mexican food, much like Los Gorditos!

  4. Awesome! I am planning my trip for this summer. I am so used to knowing where I can eat and what to get at places where I live in NYC (I am vegan, my husband is vegetarian)… this is REALLY helpful for me! Thanks!

  5. Hi. I don’t live in Portland but my mother does. I want to do a surprise 65th birthday dinner party for her and about 35 family members. What vegan places or vegetarian places would you recommend? My mom is allergic to eggs, milk, soy, beans, and peanuts. Here in Dallas the Marriott Hotel has a wood-fired grill and 10 awesome vegan options. (Grilled spaghetti squash, acorn squash, roasted rutabagas, turnips, parsnips, bell peppers, asparagus etc).

  6. I love you. Seriously. Thank you Portland for having so much variety. And thank you Stump Town Vegans for taking the time to tell me all about it. You’re going to make my visit a very happy one.

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  8. Wow thank you so much! I’m coming in to visit Portland soon and it looks like some amazing options for Team Vegan. Muchas Gracias!

  9. I have to say to of my favorites are not on this list! A.N.D. Cafe, (54th&burnside) which has amazing vegan breakfast and many gluten free options. A hidden gem that I can’t highly recommend enough! Also, I second el nutri taco. When I lived nearer by, my vegan fiancé would eat there multiple times a week. I love the combo burrito, the wet burrito, chenchos burrito, and their vegan Tortas are amazing!

  10. This list needs to be updated! Sweetpea doesn’t do Sunday brunch any more… what else on the list might be out of date?

  11. Hi there! I am doing a research project on the vegan community of Portland, and was wondering if you could provide me with some information! Do you own why in particular it is this city attracts so many vegans? Do they have a good environment/ climate to produce organic foods?

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  14. Just want to shout out loud that Thai Peacock is now Vegan friendly! Lunch under $7. Come by and check us out : )

  15. So I just called Vegetarian House & the number has been disconnected… Anyone got any info on if they are moving or closed?

  16. Peta had an article today about Portland’s eaterys and mentioned Stumptown Vegans. It caught my eye as I am going to be in Portland next week and am so gratelful it did. This will be a HUGE help for us to track down vegan restaurants, carts, bakeries etc. I can’t wait!!!

    • How great! Please feel free to check out our Instagram, it’s updated these days. vs the original website! http://instagram.com/stumptownvegans

      Off the top of my head, Portobello, The Sudra, Departure, Homegrown Smoker and Vita Cafe are great places to check out…in addition to all the vegan brunch, cart and bakery options!


      – jess

  17. Hi,
    I came across this page because Yahoo reported, Portland, Oregon as one of the top 5 cities to visit. In addition, it was listed as top foodie place so my vegan mind wondered…hmmmm is it VEGAN friendly…? To my great surprise, YES, which brings me to this question… Is the information listed in this blog/article current (May 2015)??? Thank you!!!

  18. Great list, thank you! I am overwhelmed at the possibilities here. Just one note, Sweetheart stops serving brunch at 11am. We will be back tomorrow to try their quiche.

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  21. My fiancé and I came to Portland for a vegan culinary adventure so we appreciate your list and suggestions so much! We went to Sweet Hereafter last night and had their Buffalo Bomber sandwich and we are still talking about it this morning! If you haven’t tried it, you totally should! Thanks again for all yummy suggestions! We can’t wait to try some today.

  22. Hi. Have a special request… Vegan banana muffins no nuts. Anybody know where Icould find such? Visiting next week and bunny will be running a marathon and this is his best pre-race fuel. I usually bake but no kitchen in hotel. TIA!

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