This includes link to Special Postings and our ever-growing Portland reviews in alphabetical order.  Scroll down for links to our various

Travel Reviews.

Special Posting:

Alphabetical Portland Index:

Aalto Lounge (no longer offers the same vegan options)
Al Amir
Al Forno Ferruzza (no longer a cart – now a restaurant on NE Alberta)
Arabian Breeze (now Nicholas II)
Artemis Cafe
Asaase Ital Palace cart
Bay Leaf
Backspace Cafe (no longer all veg)
Beaterville Cafe
Bella Faccia Pizzeria
Bete-Lukas Ethiopian
Big Ass Sandwhiches
Blossoming Lotus New Location!
Blue MooseCLOSED
Bombay Chaat House
Bridgeport Ale House (the SE Hawthorne has been renovated, while the Pearl district location growing vegan options, including a quinoa bowl)
Bye and Bye
Chaos Cafe
Chef Naoko Bento
Coffee Plant, downtown (now  Fresh Pot)
Cup and Saucer, Southeast
Dalo’s Kitchen
Daphne’s Greek Cafe
Dove Vive
Dots Cafe
Dragonfish Asian Cafe
Dreamer’s Cafe
Dwaraka Indian
E-San Thai
Fat Kitty Falafel
Fernando’s Mundo Fiesta cart
Food Fight! Nachos 
Genie’s Cafe
Give Pizza a Chance
Gotham Tavern
Green Papaya CLOSED
Green Wok
Half & Half Cafe
Hama Sushi
Homegrown Smoker Vegan BBQ cart (now located at SW 4th & College)
Hot Lips Pizza (now offering vegan banh mihs!)
Huong’s Vietnamese Food cart
Hungry Tiger Too (new menu as of Fall 2011)
Hush Hush
I Love Thai Food cart -now I Like Thai Food – new ownership
India Chaat House
It’s a Beautiful Pizza Closed
Jam on Hawthorne
Junior’s Cafe
Just Thai Cart (former I Love Thai food owners)
Kettleman Bagel Company
La Taqueria Bonita
Little Red Bike Cafe Closed
Laurelthirst Public House
Los Gorditos (two location: full taqueria at SE 12th & Division)
Masu Sushi
McMenamin’s Black Rabbit
Miho Izakaya
Milky Way Tea and Pastry Closed
Native Foods, Bridgeport Village (opening weekend photos)
New Season’s Wok
New Taste of India
Nhut Quang
Nicholas Restaurant
Nightlight Lounge

No Fish! Go Fish! cart (restaurant has closed)
Pad Thai Kitchen
Papa G’s Organic Vegan Deli
Paradox Organic Cafe
Pastini Pastaria SE
Pause Kitchen and Bar
Perriera Creperie
P.F. Chang’s China Bistro
Pho Green Papaya
Pho Jasmine
Pho PDX Now Lu Lac
Pirate’s Tavern
Pizza Fino
Pok Pok
Por Que No? Taqueria
Portland Smoothie Company Closed
Potato Champion
Proper Eats
Pyro Pizza cart
Real Taste of India
Red and Black Cafe (old SE Division street location)
Savor Soup House cart
Shelley’s Honkin Huge Burritos
Slappy Cakes
Sip Vegan Milkshake cart
Small World Cafe CLOSED
Someday Lounge (no longer all veg)
Sonny Bowl (new menu since the review)
Spud LockerCLOSED
Steamers Asian Street Bistro
Stepping Stone Cafe
Su Casa
Sweet Lemon Vegetarian Bistro
Sweetpea Baking Company
Sweetpea Baking Company Brunch
Tao of Tea – Original Teahouse
Taqueria Los Gorditos
Tastebud Pita
Taste of Bali **
Thai Food Cafe
Thai Palace (now Thai Chili Jam)
Thai Peacock
The Clearing Cafe
The Farm Cafe
The Fixin’ To
The Grilled Cheese Grill
The J Spot Closed
The Limp Noodle Closed
The Lion’s Den
The People’s Sandwich of Portland
The Player’s Zone
The Ruby Dragon cart
The Tube
The Whole Bowl
Tin Shed
Todbott’s Triangles
Tour de Crepes Closed
Ugarit Medditeranean Meals
Van Hanh Vegetarian Restaurant
Vegetarian House
Vegetarian House lunch buffet
Vege Thai
Via Chicago
Voodoo Doughnut
Whiffies Fried Pies
Wholesome Blends
Ya Hala
Ziba’s Pitas

  • Half a Strike = Temporarily Closed.
  • Strike Through = Totally Closed.

The Stumptown Vegans Travel Reviews

Breadboard (Ashland)
Greenleaf Restaurant (Ashland)
Morning Glory (Eugene)

Las Vegas, NV:
Ronald’s Donuts

Phoenix, AZ:
The Breadfruit

Boston, MA:
My Thai Vegan Cafe

Seattle, WA:
Bamboo Garden
Globe Cafe Closed
In the Bowl Vegetarian Noodle Bistro
Plum Bistro
Teapot Vegetarian House
Vegetarian Bistro Closed

Denver, CO:

Salt Lake City, UT:
Vertical Diner (and Sage’s Cafe)

Cafe Gratitude (San Francisco)
Cha Ya (in San Francisco)
Herbivore (San Francisco)
Native Foods
The Stand (Laguna Beach, CA)

New York City:
Vegetarian Dim Sum House Guide


Maui Tacos


24 responses to “Index

  1. This is so great! Thank you.
    I’m surprised that there isn’t an entry for Veganopolis yet.

  2. A lovely find, this blog. In my 12th year as a vegan, what I like seeing so much in Portland is the degree to which veganism is (nearly) mainstreamed–that you can get something vegan that isn’t just “hold the everything but the rice” at most restaurants. But it’s still great to have a resource like this, focusing solely on vegan options. Thanks!

    BTW–the Van Hanh link isn’t working–directs to Vegetarian House.

  3. not from portland, but have eaten at veganopolis- the vegan cafeteria downtown…curious why y’all haven’t done a review on that one. excellent site! keep ‘er up!
    – oly, wa

  4. I love ya’ll! Do you ever review Chinese restaurants? How about Fujin on Hawthorne? I read a random Yelp review that they do vegan.


  5. I am surprised I couldn’t find Laughing Planet on your list of restaurants. It’s one of the best places for me (vegan) to go with my vegetarian and omnivore friends and we can all get something we love…..

  6. Hello Portland Area Vegans! I am a vegan ice-cream maker who is looking to market and package my creation. I have taste-tested my product to over a hundred vegans and have received unanimous praise each time. In fact, most of them tell me it’s the better than anything in the freezer section at any co-op or New Seasons (where I’m a full-time employee). I have done extensive research into what it would take to have my product sold, including upc codes, nutritional information, liability insurance, etc… I also have a commissary kitchen lined up, and a professional label in the works. Unfortunately, I’ve reached a stopping point in my journey, because I have had unfortunate luck in applying for a small business loan. I have a considerable amount of student debt, due to culinary school, and do not have the financial backing to move forward. I am looking for investors of any kind to help me launch my dream. No amount is too small at this point. I am also willing to demo my product at any time, because i feel the proof is in the spoon. Any suggestions or feedback would be much appreciated! Thanks for reading… Lacy

    • hi lacey,

      I’d recommend posting on craigslist, vegan forums (post punk kitchen, nw veg, vegan freaks, vegan represent), vegnews, etc. – maybe setting up an investor showcase or two with tastings…

      good luck!


  7. What about Portobello? I don’t think I’ve ever looked for a review you guys don’t have. Busy bee’s, good job!

    • we have something in the works. (we always have something in the works, ha!) since they’re moving and evolving this summer, it would be unfair to have a full review up now.

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