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Stumptown Vegans Restaurant Reviews are two Portland food bloggers’ opinions and adventures with the vegan food they have encountered while eating out around our beautiful city. We know everyones’ tastes differ and things change in restaurants so visiting once, or twice, never paints the full picture of a place. We try to visit a place twice before letting you know about the food. We take photos to show you the food we’ve eaten to help you decide if you also want to visit.

Vegans often put trust in wait-staff and business owners to let us know what is vegan; remember that even when we are told it’s vegan, the ingredients or supplier of those ingredients may change and no longer be vegan. It’s always best to do your own research, or just stay home if you’re really concerned.

We can be critical because we also enjoy vegan cooking, along with eating out, so check out our favorites. These are just our humble opinions and mean no harm.

We’ve also adventured into podcasting! Our episodes are now online here. Get to know the women behind the restaurant reviews, and look for a new ones  in the future.

Have a question, comment or vegan dining tip?  Feel free to leave a comment below or email us at StumptownVegans@gmail.com.


PS:  The comments on the site are not necessarily the opinions of the Stumptown Vegans.   All the words seen on this site, including the comments, are copyrighted to the Stumptown Vegans 2011, all rights reserved.


89 responses to “Who we are

  1. Love your site! You’re accomplishing what I’ve thought of doing for years, but was too lazy to get off my ass and do. And the pics rock. Thanks!

  2. Great site! I had no idea of a vegan waffle stand in PDX! I’ll be sure to check it out this week. It would be great it you could set up a link for readers to make suggestions of our favorite places for you to review. 🙂 Or perhaps it exsists…and I didn’t see it? Thanks again!

  3. Thanks Ellene! It was a job that needed to be done in Portland and I am glad people seem to be enjoying it.

    Michelle -We’ll take that into consideration. We have many restaurants lined up now, but if you have some place specifically, I guess this is the place to mention it.

  4. Love the site; but could you add an ‘archive’ page with links to all past entries? Thanks.

  5. You need to get over to Alberta and check out the Mash Tun and the Vita Cafe. Went to Vita Cafe recently and was pretty impressed. Sort of like if Post Punk Kitchen was a restaurant in Portland…chicken fried tempeh with gravy and mashed potatoes, etc…But a good mix of healthy stuff and comfort food.

  6. Christine – It’s in the works! Stay tuned.

    TJ – A Vita review is in the works. Hopefully it will be up this weekend. We’ve heard lots of great things about Mash Tun and their Tempeh Wings. They are on the list!

  7. Hi ladies. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your website. As a person of limited *funds*, it’s great to read a review before forking over the dough.

    P.S. Another vote for Veggielicious.

    Take care!

  8. Awesome site, thank you! Portland has such a wealth of great places to get vegan food, but it seems like there are always more places I’ve not even heard of yet.

    My review suggestions:

    Chaat House & India 4-U – Each of these places serve a totally delicious samosa chaat, but very different from one another.

    India 4-U has a daily lunch special, vegan option always available. If you want samosa chaat, don’t wait too long! Kumar makes the samosas fresh each morning and runs out quickly.

    Chaat House has an extensive menu and will make vegan versions of dishes — they even have a vegan mango shake that is so rich & creamy that I had to double-check to be sure it was vegan!

    Van Hahn in SE is an all vegan, Vietnamese restaurant that features amazing mock meat dishes, fantastic appetizers, and excellent soups. The lemon grass tofu sticks are a must order item. The green papaya salad appears to no longer be on the menu, which is a real shame. The steamed buns are stuffed with a very tasty mix of shredded tofu, glass noodle, bean curd skin, and potato all in a barbeque sauce. The potato rolls have a similar mix of items, without the barbeque sauce, wrapped in lettuce and rice paper. Spicy noodle soup is perfect for rainy days; especially love the sesame crackers on top. Be advised that the restaurant is run by volunteers, service can be slow, seemingly indifferent at times, and occasionally your server will not be entirely comfortable speaking English. Don’t be deterred by the location or the comments about the people who are staffing the restaurant, sit back and practice some patience, because the food is worth the wait!

    Thanks for all the great downtown cart reviews. I’ve never thought to try No Fish Go Fish, but will now! From the carts reviewed and the comments made about distance to some, it nearly sounds like we’re in a similar part of downtown (I’m near Park & Stark)!

  9. i am spending one day in portland next mo. – can u could suggest a vegan-friendly neighborhood where one might find vegan dining and vegan/green shopping – i’d prefer not to drive but rather trek around on foot. thx

  10. Hey, do you think you could set up an RSS feed so I could get your stuff pulled into my reading list? That would be much appreciated.

  11. I love this website! I tend to go to the same places all the time, but your reviews are getting me excited about trying some new places (namely Tin Shed & Junior’s Cafe) and revisiting those I had forgotton about (like Jam on Hawthorne & No Fish, Go Fish).

    Have you been to Dove Vivi, @ Glisan and 27th? They serve up an awesome vegan pizza with a cormneal based crust. Try it topped with tofu ricotta and/or nutritional yeast and a green salad on the side. Skip the weekend night crowd and go for lunch.

    Also, another family favorite is Blue Moose on NE Fremont. Try the pancakes (served all day), soup or tofu scamble of the day, or any of their other vegan offerings. I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed and the owner is super nice.

    Thanks again for this wonderful vegan resource!

  12. Hi Jennifer –
    Thank you for the encouraging words and recommendations!
    We actually have reviews of both Dove Vive (going there for visit #2 tonight!) and Blue Moose in the works.
    Look for them very soon~

  13. I agree with Jennifer this website is awesome. every time I am hungry and can’t decide what to eat I just pull up ya’lls handy map.

    Have you tired the vegan crepes at Tour De Crepes on Alberta? I ate there last week and the crepes were really amazing. I had a sweet potato spinach crepe and my partner had a raspberry chocolate and lime dessert crepe. It did take awhile to get my food but for vegan crepes it was worth the wait. Do you know of any other place in town that has vegan crepes?

  14. Kalie – Thank you! We love being so useful.
    We’ve reviewed Tour de Crepes previously, you can find it in our index. I’m glad you enjoyed the crepes, we sadly had an underwhelming experience – but your crepes sound new, so perhaps they have revamped the menu.

  15. Hi there — I recently found out about a new restaurant in Milwaukie called “Casa de Tamales.” According to information I’ve read, they boast 4 vegan tamales and it looks like a good spot. I don’t know if you’d ever be in the area, but it looks promising. I’ll let you know!

  16. Is there a chance that you might change the format of your reviews a little? I like the way they are when I first read them, but a nice little summary box at the end would be really cool for later when I’m trying to decide where to go eat. It could have separate stars for taste and value (or a price scale) and maybe a recommended dish? It would make a hurried decision really easy. The Oregonian’s food reviews sometimes have boxes like that and they’re nice… Just a thought!

  17. Christine – Have you been listening to our private conversations? Or did we mess up and post a hint at our plans for reworking our rating system?
    It’s funny you ask because that’s just what we are planning on doing, minus the recommended dish. We will take your advice and see if we can add that in. Thanks for your input!

  18. I love reading the blog. I’m not a vegan, but my sister is and I like to look here for good ideas on places that are vegan friendly. I wanted to give you guys a tip for a great (in my opinion) place to pick up vegan and vegetarian friendly fair in Multnomah Village; it’s a tiny cafe called Down To Earth. They’ve got multiple vegan items for breakfast lunch and dinner, and certain vegetarian dishes that can also be modified to be vegan upon request. It’s a tiny family run place and I just think it’s absolutely delicious. My sister and I were ecstatic to find a place so close to home since more of the vegan friendly places are the east side.

  19. Great blog! There’s quite a few vegan restaurants I haven’t tried yet, and this helps me find out what I’m missing!

    My friend Tonya and I recently opened a vegan gift shop in Portland, and we’re having free tastings of amazing vegan chocolate truffles and MarketSpice tea all weekend (through Monday) and again for our grand opening celebration on May 31. If you haven’t tried Missionary Chocolates yet, you should stop by! We’re located inside Jantzen Beach Center, next door to Morgan Jewelers. I’m having a great time giving vegan chocolate to non-vegans and seeing the look on their faces when they discover how good vegan food can taste!

  20. Reene – thanks for the comment. We have tried your chocolates and raved about them on our latest podcast!
    I can’t believe I can type that I look forward to my next trip to Janzen Beach! ha.

  21. Thanks for stopping in today! I hope you liked the shop – we’re getting in more unique items all the time. Enjoy the chocolate!

  22. You should give Thanh Thao (4005 SE Hawthorne) a try. There’s a long list of vegetarian dishes, which can be made vegan (prepared with coconut sauce, I think). Phenomenal. The eggplant and tofu in garlic sauce, mock duck, and pad thai are all I’ve tried but they’re all delicious. And I don’t even like coconut. The lunch special looks like a really good deal, although I’m not sure that the soup that’s included is vegan…

  23. have you reviewed the deli in the food front coop? went there for the first time yesterday and was impressed with the selection of vegan salads and it was one of the best deli sandwiches ever. thanks!

  24. Hi guys,

    They’re both on our ever-growing, constantly-being-conquered to-review list. It’s massive! Thanks for the tips! I have had very good tofu to-go from that coop.

  25. Hi,

    First time to the site here. Just wanted to let everyone know that there is a new Indonesian food cart located in South Waterfront at the corner of Moody and Abernathy (3oo yards south of OHSU tram). My wife is from Bali and she and her mom and are cooking up all kinds of stuff. We’ve even had some Vegan construction workers from across the street check us out.

    Selamat malam (happy eating)

  26. ***HEADS UP, GOOD NEWS***
    I know we all suffered a death in the family when PHO GREEN PAPAYA switched owners… I’ve been keeping up w/ the situation.. and if ya’ll don’t already know… the new “PHO PDX” located on SW 3rd & Taylor inside a food court of some sorts… i’ve heard the atmoshpere is a bit funky- but… it’s the SAME GREAT MENU, SAME GREAT PEEPS… yeHAW. Go give ’em some love. xoxo astrogirl (btw- i don’t work for them- i use to live by the old place- and miss it SO much as I’m gluten-free)

  27. Hi, Stumptown Vegans!

    Here are a couple more to add to your ever-growing list.

    Sydney’s on 1800 NW 16th Ave. has a vegan baker, and she makes awesome vegan treats.

    El Nutri Taco is a little past SE 82nd Ave. on Woodstock. Awesome vegan quesadillas, tacos, etc.


    • You really should visit El Nutri Taco on 8438 S.E. Woodstock Blvd. It’s a lovely family owned and operated food cart that is parked their front yard. It’s a great little scene.

      The Nutri Burrito is one of my favorites, but the seasonal specials are also damn good.

      • Thanks, Matt! I’ve actually been once and have a review draft started – we also mentioned it as a runner up as a favorite outdoor dining spot on our latest podcast! I’m stoked to get back.

  28. hi stumptownvegans!
    i wanted to invite you to black sheep bakery’s new location at 523 NE 19th ave for some delicious custom sammy’s, salads, soup, side dishes, desserts & pastries!

    we have at least 4 vegan ‘meats’ in house, all the time! our tempeh bacon is amazing!

    come in and try our focaccia, made daily.

    see you soon!

  29. I just popped down to Eugene this weekend and made my first trip to Sweet Life Bakery as a vegan. It is heaven! They had about as many vegan cakes & pies available as they did non-vegan! I had a fabulous chocolate silk slice (sorta like a cheesecake –creamy, thick chocolatey-ness on a chocolate cookie crust) and my date had a banana cream cake: the cream was delicious! I wish I knew how they made the desserts so very awesome. They also serve a couple flavors of Coconut Bliss ice cream and have vegan brownies and sweets. It’s vegan dessert heaven. We are definitely going back again soon! I suggest a visit the next time you’re in Eugene.

  30. Julia – we are big fans of Sweet Life! Isn’t their cream amazing?! My now husband and I use to go on weekly dates there when we were younger. It’s been cool to see their little store expand over so many years.
    It’s difficult to review bakeries, but I will attempt to review Sweet Life next time I am down in Eugene.

  31. Say, have you guys considered having your reviews linked from Urbanspoon.com? In addition to their main website, they have a pretty handy location-aware iPhone app/mobile site for finding nearby places to eat, and it’d be awesome if reviews from Stumptown Vegans showed up there. Right now their review links are mostly just the Oregonian/WW/Mercury, with the occasional local blog, and they rarely cover the veg*n as satisfactorily.

  32. I was talking to the folks at Gorditos and they mentioned that the grand opening of their all-vegan truck is this Sunday from 11-3 at SE 8th and Hawthorne, can you post something about that? I think that’ll be the world’s first all-vegan Mexican truck.

  33. Hi Bernard – We’ve posted this in our News Section and on a Myspace Bulletin. We’ll be there to check it out ASAP!

    c- We’ll check out UrbanSpoon.com
    We like our reviews on here but we’ll see what they’re about.



  34. Greetings Stumptown Vegans,

    Do you know where vegan cooking classes are offered? My wife requested same for a Christmas gift this year, so I’m in the market for one to purchase. Any suggestions or leads would be greatly appreciated.

    ~ Ethan

  35. Dudes! Check out Bourgeois Z Cafe & Vintage on SE Division & 111. I noticed the big “vegan options” sign on the way to the mountain and I had breakfast there yesterday. I had the pancakes w/ tempeh bacon; they also have a tofu scramble. Food was good, but the experience of being in the store made it great. Found some great stuff after eating, too: a $2 all-metal vintage cookie press and a $2 creepy owl mug. It’s awesome.

  36. Hey folks, I love your site. I’ve come across lots of good stuff through reading here. I wanted to let you all know that I’m throwing a secret vegan cafe on the second Sunday of every month. For more information, check out my blog: strangewayscafe.wordpress.com

    Hopefully I’ll meet you folks soon!


  37. Hi,

    I’d like to ask you folks to come to Food Not Bombs @ Colonel Sumners Park on any give Tuesday 5:30ish and write a review. That’s the day when we have a reliable head cook who is been doing this for years. Always free, always vegan. Summer time is a bounty from the farmers markets – so there is produce to take home too. They even make a “satvic” version for a few of us who abstain from garlin/onions.

  38. Hey guys,
    I’ve been to a couple of places lately that I thought I would mention. Wayne’s Chicago Red Hots, a couple blocks north of Fremont on MLK, offers two vegan dogs. Also Mississippi Pizza Pub now carries vegan cheese (Earthly Gourmet I think), though it is not on their website. And I checked out the all-vegan Back to Eden Bakery Boutique on NE Alberta the first week they were open, and they were incredibly nice (and the peanut butter fudge was amazing).


  39. thank you, thank you, thank you!! as a vegetarian of over a decade, ive been slowly converting back to veganism, &your reviews have been absolutely amazing! seriously, this blog is absolutely everything i could ask for.

    many of my friends have asked “but how can you eat out?” (a silly question from a portlander, if you ask me) &i now have an index to refer them to!

    keep up the great work!!

  40. Hello and thank you for this site!!

    I was wondering if either of you had heard anything about Blue Moose Cafe? A friend just told me that they aren’t there anymore, and I was wondering if they went out of business, or (hopefully) moved or converted to a food cart. I loved their food; it breaks my heart to think they are gone 😦

    Thank you for any info you can provide!

  41. If you are ever in Cannon Beach, check out Sweet Basil cafe. This is the best place for vegans on the coast that I know of and you can sit outside with your dog on a sunny day.

  42. Hey stumptownvegans!
    If you’re ever in Denver, you should drop by Watercourse foods for breakfast or lunch and City’O’City for dinner. Watercourse scrambles and french toast are amazing, and COC has these incredible Seitan buffalo “wings” and really good pizza with a couple of different “cheese” alternatives. They are two of my favorite vegan friendly restaurants outside of Portland.

    Also, if you’re ever in Boulder, Burlington or SanDiego, I’d love to read reviews of the best vegan restaurants in those cities, as I’ve spent some time in each and can’t remember the names of the awesome places I ate at!

    Brandon Sequoia

  43. Howdy. You posted a comment about HomeGrown Smoker @ FoodCarts Portland that their cornbread wasn’t always Gluten Free. I appreciate what you said. In fact they bake their Gluten Free Products in a kitchen with a baker who uses nothing but gluten and wheat. I’m not sure how that works with the Gluten Free crowd but it’s my understanding that if you don’t show some kind of disclaimer to the general public you might be messing with someone’s health. Just an FYI. And yes, I am that baker.

    • Thanks for the comment. We have no official endorsement for Gluten-Free standards, but simply try to note when they’re available. Keep us posted.

  44. Can you inform us of whether there are any pizza places in Portland making vegan pizza with Daiya?
    Also, I’ve started a weekly series of Vegan Dinner Parties, Park Picnics while the weather stays nice, and wanted to share. Our Inaugural Party is this Thursday, the 12th, and details can be found here:
    Or here:

    Northwest VEG’s Viva La Vegan PORTLAND – Metro

    Portland, OR
    1,169 Vegans

    This group seeks to bring together those interested in or currently living a compassionate vegan lifestyle for enjoyment and activities. Being Vegan is a journey in life and n…

    Next Meetup

    NW VEG August Happy Hour and Dineout at Vege Thai

    Tuesday, Aug 19, 2014, 5:00 PM
    22 Attending

    Check out this Meetup Group →


  45. Y’all should totally review Off The Griddle in the food cart pod on 50th and Division…best…veggie…burgers…ever. Seriously.

    (I’m not affiliated with them…I just live down the road and can’t get over how good their burgers are…)

  46. I just had a great lunch to go , at a reasonable price , in an unexpected place downtown,  Public domain I had a lentil salad (vegan) for 5.75. It was delicious.


  47. This site is TOO fantastic! I just moved to Portland from Green Bay, Wisconsin. My mother and I ran a RAW vegan restaurant there, a little outside the box for the land of brats, cheese, and beer. It’s so phenomenal that you guys provide such an awesome outlet for not only fellow vegans, but meat eaters too! Between work and school, I’m trying to get a RAW vegan “bakery” up and running in Portland. I’d love to make some cashew cheesecakes, almond butter bites, almond pulp layered cake, or other delish treats for you to taste and review! See if I’m Portland Veg-Community material! Again, so amazing to have this site for reference and information. ROCK ON!

  48. Please review the Red & Black! It’s been a while since you’ve stopped in and we have a bunch of new menu items. (Like the ‘Nihilist’ a steak and cheese sandwich. + more) We’re 100% vegan, as organic as possible and hella house made.


  49. New vegetarian Deli in Hillsboro / Orenco Station! Pannier Deli / Orenco Station Cyclery. Whole food and organic sandwiches and smoothies, located in a bicycle shop which does maintenance and sales. Very interesting, fun place. A must.

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