Stumptown Vegans on Instagram

What’s this? Have you checked out the sidebar lately?

Perhaps you’ve been wondering where the Stumptown Vegans have been…

Well, we’ve certainly been busy, but we ARE sharing our recent Portland vegan eats (and beyond!) on our official Instagram @StumptownvVegans. Please feel free to follow us!

We encourage you to use the hashtag #stumptownvegans when you’re enjoying vegan food, whether homemade or in a restaurant or from a cart or bar, so others can peruse the greatness.




Do stay tuned for more. It’s been too long.


2 responses to “Stumptown Vegans on Instagram

  1. First time visiting Portland in September. Which part of Portland has all the vegan restaurants and stores? Would like to be near so we can walk around to vegan restaurants. We don’t know which part of Portland is desirable. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Jane,

      Vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants are everywhere! I would personally recommend staying on the East side. Are you looking at hotels or something else? Staying at the Jupiter or Eastside Lodge or a B&B on the inner Eastside is a safe bet (close access to the Vegan Mini Mall, VooDoo II, Sizzle Pie, Hungry Tiger, Belmont/and even Hawthorne/Division, etc.)
      To be fair, every single neighborhood in Portland has vegan-y stuff and I’d want to know what you are looking for, what your favorites are, and what you don’t have access to at home. Please know that Pottland has great public transit to getting to and fro different neighborhoods.

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