Native Foods Cafe, Bridgeport Village (Tigard)

Over the weekend, I attended the soft opening of first Portland locale for growing Californian chain, Native Foods Cafe. The new vegan restaurant officially opens out in Bridgeport Village today (11/8/2011) and we hear they’re eyeing two more locations in the metro area, whose locations remain secret…so far.

If the following photos do nothing more than give you a reason to truly live (and by that, I mean, have a delicious, chef-crafted yet casual meal) the next time you find yourself mysteriously trapped at a suburban shopping center, they’ve done their job.

If you’ve had a chance to stop by, please let us know your thoughts in the comments.  I’ll let the photos do the talking from here…

Our table’s spread

Nuevo Native Nachos

Scorpion Tempeh Burger

Oklahoma Bacon Cheeseburger

Crunchy Kale Salad, back right

Native Chicken Wing with Buffalo Sauce – I vote Ranch

Baja Surf Tacos. Photo by Melissa

Chicken Run Ranch Burger. Photo by Melissa

Native Chili. Photo by Melissa

Chili Cheese Fries

Photo by Melissa

Photo by Melissa

Classic Deli Reuben

Peanut Butter Parfait

Boogie Bar

Photo by Melissa


The view from my side of the table

Cardamom Rose Good Luck Cupcake

Crunchy Kale Salad

Progress ?

You can conveniently peer into the Native Foods Cafe dessert case as you place your order.

There’s both indoor and heated patio seating at this location.

Photo by Melissa.

Photo by Melissa.

Why are there elephants in the bathroom?

With that, I’m looking forward to my next visit and trying out the Chimi Chop Salad or a Chicken Run Ranch Burger or Sweet Potato Taquitos or or or…

Start browsing the Portland menu online for your own advanced decision-making!

You can read the original Stumptown Vegans review of the Palm Desert location, posted by Webly in July 24, 2009, at this link.


Disclaimer: All soft opening meals were complimentary.


21 responses to “Native Foods Cafe, Bridgeport Village (Tigard)

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  2. I got the chili cheese fries with the hearty white bean soup and my friend got the daily special (Reuben with soup).
    My friend is an omni and was impressed that NF didn’t try to make their Reuben some nasty fat free thing. She said it wasn’t a one to one match, but it tasted so good that she didn’t care.
    For some reason, I thought the chili cheese fries would have more cheese, but it was still tasty. I think they need to work on getting the chili more evenly distributed.
    However, this is definitely a place I’m coming back to–even though I do have to put up with the assholes at the faux European village.

  3. Wow what great food and you get a lot of it with your meal. I had the Gandhi bowl which was just ok but my my partner had the Soul Bowl which is out of this world. The chili cheese fries were okay, and i agree with the other comment that i expected more cheese.
    The service was fast and our food was late by about five minutes which we never complained about but one of the staff came up and gave us a five dollar gift card because it took so long.
    The deserts were amazing also. All in all a regular lunch with deserts left me full for the rest of the day.
    I hope they will open more locations in the Portland area. Bridgeport Village is a bit out of the way for any Portlander and has terrible parking and full of yuppy scum….not sure why they chose that location though.

    Great place and will be going back….of course I will make sure and key a few bmw’s in the parking lot on my way in.

  4. The plan was for my girlfriend and I (both vegan leaning, but technically omnivores) to eat there, and grab a meal to go for someone else. Between us, we got the chicken fingers (amazing), Scorpion Burger (perhaps the best veggie burger I’ve had), mushroom soup (something I don’t normally like, but Heather ordered it and I was impressed), a Tempeh-Kale bowl (forgot the name- delicious and so healthy it made us feel notably good), drank copious amounts of their signature soft drinks (try mixing them), and ended with a slice of the “I am so stuffed but I still need to eat this because it is so (expletive) good!” pumpkin cheesecake. Service was friendly and quick, and we had so many leftovers the 3rd meal was already provided (and appreciated).

  5. My hubby and I (both vegans) had a great meal here and were are hooked despite the location (agree with others, terrible parking, etc). I tried the Thanksgiving Wellington and it was awesome. I ordered one to go for our holiday. I had the Kale Salad – it was light, filling, and not too loaded down with dressing – loved it. My hubby had the Soul Bowl and it was gone almost before I got a taste. Yummy. We didn’t have any space left for dessert but can’t wait to try them all!

  6. I worked at Native Foods in Palm Desert, CA before I moved to Portland a couple of years ago. It’s the type of place that you never, ever get sick of–even after working there for a year and a half. I miss those free meals Chef Zote would make me after my shift. *tear

  7. I LOVE this place! It is indeed addictive. My kids really liked the Portobello Burgers, my husband loved his Kale Bowl & I loved my Greek Gryo Bowl. Went back 2 days later and tried the Pumpkin Pie (yum! but didn’t like the side sauce) and loved the Chocolate Love Pie. We’ll be regulars. And there aren’t actually many “yuppy scum” in the area, we’re mostly pretty nice.

  8. I ate at this Native Foods last summer in Costa Mesa. I enjoyed a monstrous bacon cheeseburger (wish they had different names), and my partner had an Italian sub. Completely comfortable atmosphere, great prices, overwhelmingly appetizing menu. Even though I’ve only eaten here once, I could easily imagine this place being a staple in my dining out diet. If only it weren’t rotting out there in Tigard! At least all those suburban shoppers will get a taste of some seriously delicious vegan cuisine.

  9. My husband has gone twice. He had the Surf Tacos and the Reuben, he said they were amazing!! His favorite so far are the tacos. Hope to go back soon so I can try it out. Would like them to come closer to us in Beaverton or Downtown.

  10. My husband and I have gone there twice. The staff are super nice to newbie vegans (that’s my hubby–I was already ovo lacto veg since 1995). We bought Chef Tanya’s cook book and I made a few things at home. I love their Native Cheez. 🙂 I had one of the veggie wraps with a side salad and it was yummy and filling. My hubby had the Ghandi Bowl, and I think he had something different our second visit. I LOVE their Ranch dressing!! 🙂 The lavender lemonade is fantastic. The area is nice, clean, and people are friendly and not scary at all. I look forward to a location closer to Vancouver, because we drive over the border to eat out now and then. 🙂

  11. Finally got there yesterday – very tasty food, friendly staff and thanks so much for making it accessible to some of us “country folk” that pass by! Wow – what funny comments from Michael and Easter and Anonymous! How do I know they’re joking? Because no vegans are EVER that unloving and intolerant of others’ essential freedoms, whether they be 2 or 4 footed!

  12. Went last weekend and will probably be making the trip on a regular basis! Aside from fantastic food (best vegan restaurant this side of Cornbread Cafe in Eugene), seeing the dining room packed at 4:00 p.m. and overflowing when we came back for dessert around 5:30 p.m. makes me hopeful that a place like this can survive at Bridgeport. Now, bring one down to the Corvallis area so I don’t have to drive 40 miles for good food!

  13. This was my first time at your restaurant and I was absolutely delighted. I haven’t eaten any place that had food as healthy and tasty. I will be back again soon. BTW, do you use Nutritional yeast in your recipes? I look forward to hearing from you,

  14. Their food is ridiculous. I want to eat there everyday. I’ve tried nearly everything on the menu now and I have to say that I’m pleased with everything I’ve tried and would order them all again, and again, and again…and then again. Scorpion burger is ah-mazing, as is the portobello-sausage burger, chicken run ranch and BBQ love burger (one of my personal favorites). The chili fries are incredible, same with the nachos. All the soups I’ve had are really good, the african peanut stew-thingy was my favorite of those. The buffalo wings are addicting. The soul bowl will make your mouth water…the curry bowl is outstanding as well. I hate that it’s in Bridgeport Village, it’s not really my kind of place, but I will happily go there for this food! Oh, and the peanut butter parfait…oh em gee…

    • Was this the woman with the short black hair and tats? If so, she was my favorite, and we were very disappointed to learn she had been fired! We’ve had many awesome conversations with her about where else to get vegan grub.

  15. I just discovered it . A buddy took me there. I am a vegetarian not vegan.
    I am addicted to most everything they have. Carrot cheescake cupcakes , all are outrageous.. A lady in line asked me is this place good, all I could say was, “This place is Crazy!!!”).

  16. While this place is Amazing and 100% plant based – it doesn’t mean it’s healthy! But when I am craving “Junk Food” this is where I go every time! Portions are HUGE! My fav is the Kale Salad when I’m feeling healthy and the Reuben when I want to be bad. It is sooo good!

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