Episode 20: The Stumptown Vegans Guide to One Day in Portland

Episode 20: The Ultimate Guide to One Day in Portland

Having written restaurant reviews for vegans for years, folks often ask us just where they should eat in Portland, OR, and we’re always happy to offer advice.

Now, there are obvious stand-out choices, and some decision-making to take into consideration: How long are you here for? What part of town are you staying in? Are you looking for brunch? Are you seeking gluten-free or raw options? Do you require a burrito? etc.Thinking about the hundreds of vegan bloggers arriving soon for the Vida Vegan Bloggers Conference who will have their hands full and may be wondering the same, we recently sat down in our downtown studio and recorded this casual podcast about our picks for dining, where to stay, where to stop, and what else to do in Portland, OR.

Overall, the two Stumptown Vegans agreed on the vast majority of suggestions, making them super Stumptown Vegans approved!

We both also strongly encourage you to visit – and stay – with friends. They’ll show you their city, and you’ll have even more greatness to share!

The entire podcast, where we give our live recommendations, can be heard at the link above, and via Itunes (bear with us if it’s not up yet).

With that, listen as we present our Portland recommendations, condensed into a one day period, for following:


Note: As always, personal taste is an opinionated matter and things change! We encourage your thoughts and suggestions below – as do out of town visitors, no doubt.

We’ll be posting our printable, documented breakdown shortly.

Show Notes:

Salad & a slice from Sizzle Pie

The fabled UniCart


7 responses to “Episode 20: The Stumptown Vegans Guide to One Day in Portland

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  2. Super great episode, guys. Seriously made me want to visit Portland for the second time in two months!

  3. I was listening to the talk of Voodoo and when is it not busy. Last time I was in Portland we were staying downtown and Sunday morning about 8am there was only 1 person in line in front of us. So if you might be able to get doughnuts without waiting in line if you can get up early enough on a Sunday 🙂

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  5. My husband and I plan to finally visit Portland this summer and will be traveling with our son, who will be about 9 months old then. Of the places to stay, which of them might be good while traveling with a baby?

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