Morning Glory Cafe

Morning Glory Cafe, Brief Review
Overall Service Food Quality Atmosphere Vegan Options
9.25 7 9 9 8
Location: 450 Willamette St, Eugene, OR 97401-2643 (541) 687-0709
Recommended Dish: The Owl & the Pussycat or The Fusion
Hours: 7:30am-3pm
Times Visited: 17

While the service at Morning Glory Cafe can be friendly and quick, it can also be curt and lagging.  However, this is not to say that you should avoid this Eugene vegetarian staple.  They are still serving the same great food with a rotating special menu.  Unless you’re trying to make a meat-hungry omni happy you’re dining companions are likely to find something to enjoy among their menu from gluten-free, vegan, sugar-free, nut-free.  No matter your avoidance – let them know your allergy and they are likely to find something suiting your needs and desires.

I found the gluten-free vegan pancakes served with fruit and maple syrup to be amazingly fluffy, smooth, and tasteful for being made with spelt flour.  Topped with fruit, Earth Balance, and maple syrup, it was one of the best gluten-free breakfasts I’ve had.

Fall 2007:

Visiting Eugene is always a pleasant experience because it reminds me of more simple times, of a slower life that I’ve never lived. A town full of college kids finding their independence and creating art out of anything and everything. Morning Glory adds perfectly to that life-style. A small and cute vegetarian café next to the train station filled with art and hippies. If you just got off the train and this is your first experience with Eugene, it’s right on. The café is casual with customers of all life stages enjoying the local art and music. The food is local and organic with vegan options abound.

Morning Glory serves great breakfast comfort food with many vegan options. My top picks are generally off the sweet menu with the French Toast or Waffles with real maple syrup. However, I do fancy The Fusion for a more savory meal.

The French Toast and waffles aren’t anything too special, if vegan options are available. They are presented beautifully with your choice of fruit compote or maple syrup with soy butter. A kiss of powdered sugar and I could eat these for every meal.

The Fusion is a unique creation, similar to an omelet. A pan fried shredded potato cake, like a hash brown, is filled with sauted onions, mushrooms, firm marinated tofu cubes and spices. The potatoes are folded over to make a shell and is then topped with a dollop of homemade tofu sour cream. The meal makes you feel wholesome – a bit like a hippie.

The biscuits and gravy are large and filling. A full order comes with 4 biscuits and mushroom gravy. The gravy is thick with mushroom bits in it to add to the texture. If 4 biscuits is too big, try the half size to get your fill of great biscuits and gravy.

I suggest bringing a pre-breakfast snack if you have a hard time waiting for food on an empty stomach. The Morning Glory staff are very relaxed and seem like they are willing to do as little as possible, beyond making your wonderful food. Orders are taken at the counter, all water, utensils and condiments are self serve. If you wait around long enough your order will be served to your table. You will eat it and it will all be worth the wait.

Freshed Squeezed Grapefruit Juice:

Biscuits and Gravy and Glory Potatoes:

Biscuits and Gravy:
Morning Glory - Biscuits and Gravy

Spelt Waffles:

French Toast:
Morning Glory French Toast

The Fusion:
Morning Glory - Fusion

The Cafe:


9 responses to “Morning Glory Cafe

  1. I was just in Eugene for work about a week or two ago and I stopped into Morning Glory for a late breakfast. I didn’t have any trouble getting my food brought to my table, in fact it was super fast to come out! I got some sort of breakfast sandwich thing and it was really good.

  2. I love your reviews and your pictures are great. I plan on visiting many of the restaurants you are reviewing.

    The first one is Morning Glory. I was in Eugene this weekend and was anxious to try Morning Glory’s 1/2 order of biscuits and gravy with 2 soysage patties. I also had the 1/2 order of the French Toast. These are two of my favorite breakfasts as a meat eater and as I am just beginning my trip into vegetarianism I was anxious to try their vegetarian alternatives. I found the mushroom flavor in the gravy over powering. I did like that the gravy was very thick but being used to traditional sausage gravy I guess I will have to adjust to a non sausage flavoring. I would like to have had a more transitional flavoring. It left a strong after taste and did provide me with some entertainment in the burping arena.

    The French Toast unfortunately did not look like the pictures in your review. The bread was much thicker and not very well covered in mixture. There was very little drizzle of strawberry but so little that it did not add much to the flavoring. It also did not come with fruit compote. Also no soy butter was served with the French Toast and the single serving of syrup was not enough to complement the large pieces of bread.

    The soysage was the best part of the meal but I have tasted better in the freezer section at Winco.

    Lastly the food was served luke warm.

    On the positive side the service was excellent and fast. I was there on a rainy Saturday around 10 am and was seated immediately. The two half orders and the soysage cost a little over $12 plus tip.

    Sorry to be so negative on this review. I blame my meat eating taste buds and once they are cleansed I will try Morning Glory again and hopefully this meal selection will carry a better taste for a new vegetarian. In the meantime I would not recommend these choices when considering an alternative to a traditional breakfast.

    Thanks, John

  3. I have to say, as a resident of Eugene, The Keystone Cafe is about 100 times better than Morning Glory for breakfast. I totally recommend it. 5th and Lawrence. :o) Check out my blog too!

  4. Alison – next time I’m in Eugene I will check out the keystone. I was never a fan of it when I lived there. Morning Glory has changed a lot in 5 years and I am sure Keystone has as well.

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  6. I feel like Alison has similar taste to my sister. She loves the Keystone, I’m happy to go with her but don’t necessarily care for it. I do feel like I should try their cinnamon roll because Kaelee cant stop talking about those. I don’t spend time in Eugene so I thought it was the best they had to offer… until I went to Morning Glory. I visited Keystone Saturday morning and MG Sunday. This is my review of that meal.

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