Cinnaholic, Brief Review
Overall Service Food Quality Atmosphere Vegan Options
9.5 10 9 9 10
Location: 2132 Oxford St. Berkeley, CA
Recommended Dish: Peach Pie Roll
Hours: Tuesday-Friday 8am-7pm
Saturday and Sunday 9am-7pm
Times Visited: 1

Stumptown Vegans Travel!

If you’re going to open a restaurant and only serve one food item – it better be good.  Good thing Cinnaholic fits this notion.  Cinnaholic makes cinnamon rolls fresh every day, and for my fellow sweet lovers, they are all vegan.

Located in downtown Berkeley, Cinnaholic couldn’t have a better location, unless it was in Portland. They are situated on a Oxford street, next door to the wonderfully vegan friendly – Saturn Café, and across the street from the UC Berkeley main entrance.

Cinnaholic is a fairly small shop with a refrigerated case highlighting a few of the rolls from the expansive menu, but all rolls are assembled fresh. This punk rock style walk-in restaurant’s menu is a sweet tooth’s dream, so I was glad to see the special of the day was a savory roll – tomato sauce and Daiya cheese.  The regular menu offers many suggestions for rolls from the basic with any flavor or frosting, to Rocky Road to Apple Pie, or, you can invent your own with their vast menu of toppings – all starting at $3.50.

All basic cinnamon rolls are made on-site, the same day, and assembled to your order. A cooled roll is reheated in their oven, topped with  selected condiments, and served in a biodegradable cardboard box, whether your dining in at their few, small tables, or taking it to go. I was a little disappointed to see the displayed rolls were not actual size – they were about 2” in diameter larger than what was served.  This is probably for the better, really.  One roll is enough for a dessert, breakfast, dinner…or whenever you’re supposed to eat cinnamon rolls.

The toppings list is expansive and the varieties of frosting flavors are just as long.  Vegan marshmellows, caramel, peanut butter, chocolate chips, sandwich cookies, caramel or root beer frosting… The options are laid out in a bar, similar to Subway’s bar of sandwich fixings and I assume you could just point to what you want as your warm roll is assembled.

The first cinnamon roll consumed was one suggested by our friendly server – chocolate frosting, coconut, marshmallows, and nuts!  The roll was swimming in sugar.  Delicious sweetness.  Finishing this roll was a task, since it was so sugary, but it was a task my dining mates were happy to take on.  The heat of the roll lightly melted the frosting to create a wonderful soup that soaked into the firm, yet soft dough.  It was rolled tight enough to make unrolling it a bit difficult.  It wasn’t too loose that it just fell apart, or too tight that it was like a bagel.  Just right.

The Peach Pie Cinnamon Roll next.  It was refreshingly not as sweet as the other roll.  A thin layer of peach vegan buttercream frosting was smoothed over the warm bread, topped with peaches, and sprinkled with oats for a little crunch.  It was somehow cute.  The taste was light, sweet, and made me forget I was eating dessert for breakfast.

The special pizza-like roll was a great offering for those who aren’t into sweets. Instead of cinnamon, the dough was rolled with a layer of tomato sauce a little Daiya cheese, baked, and then topped with more Daiya before baking and serving. My only criticism of Cinnaholic was with this roll.  Since they use the same dough as the others it was still slightly sweet. I would have preferred to taste sweetness only from the tomato sauce instead of the dough. But overall, I am glad that this option exists for my friends of savory foods, and I hope to see it as a regular menu item in the future.  Say what you will about Daiya, it was a good combination.

I would love to see Cinnaholic offers more indoor seating and savory options, to capture a wider audience.  A small refrigerator is filled with various drink options, including multiple different flavors of soy milk. Don’t forget the coffee, they will fulfill your coffee needs as well.

Cinnaholic tries to be environmentally conscious and  works to pay their employees well.  All transactions are either cash or card, but you won’t get a paper receipt.  An iPad application and accompanying accessory captures your card information and emails you a receipt.  Employees are paid above minimum wage and will soon, hopefully, have health insurance.

So, if you have a sweet tooth and are in the Bay area – Cinnaholic is a must visit.   The options for creating your dream cinnamon roll is there; And to top it off, it’s a killer location, especially if you’re a UC Berkley kid.  Take your sweetheart here and split a warm roll with as many toppings as possible piled high.  Or, if this review has you going, try their new mail order!

Custom Chocolate Madness:

Peach Pie:

Daiya Roll:


3 responses to “Cinnaholic

  1. “I was a little disappointed to see the displayed rolls were not actual size – they were about 2” in diameter smaller than what was served.”

    Why were you disappionted that you were served LARGER rolls than you expected? That’s a bonus!

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