The Tube

Updated 6/2/2010

Tube has both updated their laid back but creative dinner menu and rolled out a brand new brunch menu since the last update on this post. The dinner menu has added mini english muffin pizzas, vegan mac and cheeze (usually with vegan hot dogs) and more Daiya-vegan cheese coated goodies.

The brunch menu is on the same page as their regular – hysterically decent – and I say that full of appreciation.

From a bottle of cheap sparkling wine presented in a chilled Session bucket (the $10 ‘bottle’ of mimosa), with juice dispensed from a soda gun, you should continuously take Tube with a sense of humor – and you’ll be all the better for it. My friend’s tofu breakfast sandwich was even more adorable that the little Nanotears – and topped with American flags. I don’t know if that patriotic touch was special for Memorial Day weekend, but it ruled, either way. On the down side, the hash browns were  forgetfully mushy, but the veggie sausage is a nice cheap side for $2 (for 2 small non-homemade patties). Memorably decent were the thin chocolate beer pancakes ($6 for 3). They’re served on a large plate with maple syrup, margarine, and while I couldn’t quite taste the local porter and the chocolate was very light, I’d go for them again – and share with a friend, as part of decently priced and decently presented vegan brunch selections that are very welcome downtown, from one of my favorite bars.

Brunch is 11am-4pm, Saturday & Sunday

Brunch photos:

Vegan Egg & Cheese Sandwich $7

Bottle of Mimosa $10

Chocolate Beer Pancakes & Veggie Sausage

Updated 4/2/2009:

There’s been a bit of a revamp to the Tube’s menu. The Ham and Cheeze, now the Professor Nanotear muffins – no word if J.K. Rowling tried to sue, are still ridiculously pathetic, and therefore, cheaply awesome at $3 each or 2 for $5.  Happy hour is still fantastically from 5pm-10pm, it’s smoke free (like all bars as of January 2009) and they’ve added crazy vegan nachos.  As in, topped with tofu scramble, salsa and fake cheeze.   The menu is posted on their myspace here.

March 9, 2007
Times Visited:  Forever.

In case you didn’t know, bars in Portland are required to serve food. That being said, some places have varying decencies of fries, some serve pizza, but there’s only place in town you can get a sandwich’The McGonnigle’ containing vegan ham, vegan cheese and chipotle vegeanise on an english muffin – The Tube. I first saw a flier for the Tube upon moving to Portland at Food Fight!, and noticed “vegan happy hour food”. I went with friends from out of town and happily had a vegan grilled cheese.

Now two years have gone by and I’ve started going there again, after learning about $2 well drinks and vegan happy hour food, naturally. The place seems more relaxed, less hipster, but maybe I’m just older (and cooler, right?).

Over half the menu is vegan, and not too shabby at all. Options include tofu scramble plates and tacos, ghost dogs, salad, chips and salsa, vegan ham and cheese panini plates and pasta salad (oddly not tube shaped pasta).

The McGonnigle has become my favorite item. This english mufin sandwich is hard to pass up at $2, and happy hour is M-F till 10pm. It is a skimpy sandwich, but it’s $2 and you’re probably drinking, so chomp away. Mmmm ham tube!

The McGonnigle:

Vegan White Russian:

Tube on Urbanspoon

Tofu scramble taco
april 2007 126
Rating 3 out of 5.
Address: 18 NW 3rd Ave Portland, OR 97209
Hours: Happy hours M-F 5pm-10pm


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  4. “In case you didn’t know, bars in Portland are required to serve food. ”

    Actually, that’s only a requirement if you serve liquor. That’s one of the main reasons Ground Kontrol has only beer & wine. Where would we put a kitchen? And if we had food, we’d have to avoid a lot of finger food. Tater tots? Fries? No way we want people playing games with greasy fingers!


    PS we’re almost neighbors with The Tube – only 3 short blocks away. Stop by & play some DDR if you want to work off your McGonnigle. 🙂

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