The Stumptown Vegans Present: Portland’s Best Bowls

The Stumptown Vegans Present: Portland’s Best Bowls

As part of Podcast Episode 15: Healthy Spring Dining.

During the podcast, we reveal our top bowl picks to one another, and discuss bowl options as part of a look at Portland’s healthiest and nourishing dining options.  As always, you can subscribe to our podcasts here, and listen or subscribe via itunes. Don’t forget to leave a comment.

These 10 Bowls are listed in no particular order.

All are vegan with a base of grains, excluding noodles, and are ideally, served in a bowl!

Where to go for Portland’s Top Ten Best Bowls:

1. Broadway Bowl, Native Bowl

2. Chili Bowl, Prasad

3. Veganized Whole Bowl, The Whole Bowl

4. Design your ownChaos Cafe

5. Design your ownBlossoming Lotus

6. Sonny Bowl

7. BBQ Brussel Bowl, The Bye & Bye

8. New Seasons Wok

9.  Jefferson Teriyaki Bowl, Chef Naoko

10. Yumm! BowlCafe Yumm (Yumm sauce is sold in stores, and there are locations in Eugene, Beaverton, & a new one coming to PSU this summer!)

Honorable Mentions:

We know some of these are only the locations – please share your favorites in the comments!

Chaos Cafe Bowl with Tempeh
Chaos Cafe

The staple Whole Bowl
Whole Bowl

Whole Bowl, SW Alder
Whole Bowl

Jefferson Teriyaki Bowl, Chef Naoko
Chef Naoko Bento

BBQ Bowl, Sonny Bowl
Sonny Bowl: BBQ

Eastern Bowl, The Bye & Bye
eastern bowl

Broadway Bowl, Native Bowl

Bloop, Good For You Goodness:

Prasad, Dragon Bowl:

Prasad, Chili Bowl:


13 responses to “The Stumptown Vegans Present: Portland’s Best Bowls

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  2. i would like to state for the record that only once in several years of Whole Bowl devotion has my bowl been un-filled-to-the-top as in your picture. it’s usually so full you have to smash the food down to get the lid on. (99% of the time i’m at the Pearl location, maybe that’s the difference??). lastly, someone once offered me $50 to figure out the Tali Sauce recipe. that’s how good it is.

  3. What about blossoming lotus’ bowls? They are quite tasty. Also (veganized )Brian’s Bowl from Por Que No is delicious.

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