Bloop, Brief Review
Overall Service Food Quality Atmosphere Vegan Options
9.5 10 9 9 10
Location: SW 3rd between Stark and Washington
Recommended Dish: Apple Cider oatmeal bowl
Hours: 7am-10pm
Times Visited: 2

Update Winter 2011: Bloop closed on February 25th, 2011.

If carts could give you a hug, Bloop would. You may be familiar with Bloop’s location since it shares a cart with Sonny Bowl.  But in the morning the signs change, and instead of rice bowls, vegan oatmeal bowls are served.

The pastel chalk board menu, flowers, and old-time music will pull you in under the protective overhang for a long embrace. You will feel the warmth take over your body as you enjoy a bowl of sweet oatmeal served with fruit and nuts, sip on your hot Stumptown Coffee, and wonder if you could grab a Black Sheep Bakery muffin for your mid day snack, as the pastry box stares at you.  The oatmeal options are simple – 4 regulars and a seasonal special. Peanut Butter Banana, Apple Cider, Good for you Goodness, and the Simple Oatmeal.

The Simple Oatmeal is made like all other bowls with thick cut oats cooked in almond milk but served with brown sugar. For only $3.75, it’s a great deal.  All bowls are served in 16 oz. to go soup containers, hearty enough to last a normal breakfast eater through lunch. If you’re a big breakfast eater, you may want to grab a muffin, or check out Portland Smoothie Company, next door, for an additional item. The tight seal of the container makes it easy to take it with you, or to store your oatmeal until second-breakfast. While the oatmeal is served hot, it’s not too hot so the steam continually cooking the meal should not be an issue.

The Peanut Butter Banana is oatmeal cooked with almond milk, served with almonds, agave, peanut butter, bananas, and Bloop’s own cinnamon mix, which contains walnuts. At less than $5 a bowl, it’s a good price for fresh, healthy food on the go.

The Apple Cider contains oats cooked with almond milk and apple cider mixed with maple syrup, walnuts, fresh apples, and a cinnamon mix. The cinnamon mix includes cinnamon, brown sugar, and chopped walnuts.  This bowl is for people who love a sweet breakfast, but it’s a natural sweetness that won’t leave you feeling like you ate a VooDoo Doughnut. The oatmeal is nutty, chewy, a bit sticky, without being too paste-like. The added nuts and fresh tart green apples mixed throughout make this a fantastic wholesome breakfast.

The Good for You Goodness is close to a Parfait with uncooked oats, Whole Soy yogurt, agave, cherries, walnuts, and the cinnamon mix. This may become my favorite breakfast bowl as the mornings warm up because it is served cold. The uncooked oatmeal is sandwiched between a modest base layer of soy yogurt, and canned cherries topped off with walnuts and the cinnamon mix. This bowl is best enjoyed mixed before eating to combine the layers.  It’s great the way it is in terms of flavor, no additional condiments were needed, but they are provided if you feel otherwise.

Once the Portland Smoothie Company opens earlier in the morning, Bloop may face early morning cart competition. Who knows, maybe their proximity will become a perfect cart marriage of oatmeal and smoothies.  If you’re up, downtown, and hungry before 10am, check-out Bloop for a good, healthy breakfast option.

Bloop Menu:

Apple Cider:

Good for You Goodness:


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