The Stumptown Vegans Present: 25 Great Vegan Foods for $7 or Less

Special Announcement:

We’ve painstakingly compiled this listing of 25 Great Vegan Foods for $7 or Less in Portland, OR

All items are $7 or less!   They are listed in no particular order.

We purposely stayed away from happy hours deals, where some of these items may be even less expensive!  Check out our podcast with full item descriptions and more rants & raves here.

This is modeled after recent similar listings by Willamette Week and ExtraMSG, except this time – it’s all vegan! We’ve included links to our prior reviews and restaurant websites on the list below.

25 Great Vegan Foods for $7 or Less:

  1. Steak and Cheese at D.C. Vegetarian $5
  2. Vegan Club at Backspace $7
  3. Small plate at Portobello Vegan Trattoria (i.e. Italian Sausage stuffed Ravioli with Daiya and Broccoli Raab) $7
  4. Misoyaki Eggplant at Miho Izakaya $6
  5. Vegan Apple Fritter at VooDoo Doughnuts $2.25
  6. Maple Sausage Waffle at Flavourspot $5
  7. Vegan slice at Dove Vivi $3.75
  8. Broadway Bowl at Native Bowl $6 for Regular
  9. Tofu Salad Bun at Pho PDX $7
  10. Falafel Sandwich at Hush Hush $5.50
  11. Red Red at Asaase Ital Palace $6
  12. Lunch Special (entree, summer roll, drink) at Thai Basil cart $5
  13. Fries and dip at Potato Champion $3.50 regular, $4.50 large
  14. Frito Pie at Fixin’ To $7
  15. The Jade Abbot at The Ruby Dragon $4.50, single
  16. Chicken Salad Sub at D.C. Vegetarian $5
  17. Lunch Buffet at Green Wok $6.50
  18. NoPo Burrito at Proper Eats $6.50
  19. Tempeh Things (buffalo or bbq) at The Mash Tun Brewpub $6.95
  20. Pad Thai at Thai Food Cafe $7
  21. Big Lunch Special at Bombay Chaat House $5
  22. Biscuits & Gravy special at Sweetpea Baking Co.
  23. Fried Pie at Whiffies Fried Pies $3-4
  24. Wok Bar at New Seasons $6.95
  25. Weeping Tiger Sandwich at The Bye & Bye $7

Honorable Mentions:

  • Taqueria Los Gorditos – the cart and taqueria. We’re shocked neither of us included an option and expected the other to – we just couldn’t decide on which excellent item! Nachos? Torta? Soy Curl Mulita?
  • Vegan Eggplant and Cashew Tofu Stir Fries at Just Thai $5 – This cart is sweet, very vegan attentive and happy to include extra vegetables!
  • Anything from Sip!
  • Spaghetti with Gravy or Spicy Soba Noodles at Yarp?! $4-6
  • Field Roast sandwich at East Side Deli
  • Biscuits & Almond Gravy at Vita Cafe and Paradox Cafe $3-5
  • Side of Organic Smash Coconut Yams at Papa G’s $3.85
  • Everything else that’s slipping our minds!

This is not a definitive listing of the BEST offerings out there, simply 25 great suggestions we’ve tried in the recent past.

Do you agree with any of this?  Let us know & please share your favorites!

Check out our full podcast here. You can also subscribe via Itunes.

Looking for more recommendations? For an older list be sure to check out our May 2008 podcast on Cheap Food in Portland for $5 or less. Many of these may be out dated, but some are still relevant.

Some photographic evidence of said 25 Great Vegan Foods:

Ravioli Small Plate at Portobello Vegan Trattoria $7


Apple Fritter VooDoo Doughtnut $2.25

voodoo fritter

The Jade Abbot at Ruby Dragon $4.50

Ruby Dragon

Red Red from Asaase Ital Palace cart $6

red red plate with black eyed peas and plantains

New Season’s Wok Bar $6.95


Regular Cone at Potato Champion! $3.50

Potato Champions

Hush Hush Falafel Sandwich $5.50


Chicken Pad Thai at Thai Food Cafe $7


Frito Pie from Fixin’ To $7


Big Lunch Special from Bombay Chaat House $5

Bombay Chaat House

Whiffies Fried Pie – cherry chocolate chip $3 (Photo by Lucas DeShazer)

whiffies by lucas

Steak & Cheese from D.C. Vegetarian $5


Chicken Salad Sandwich from D.C. Vegetarian $5

Lunch Special from Thai Basil Cart $5

Thai Basil Lunch Special

Misoyaki Eggplant at Miho Izakaya $6


Tofu Salad Bun at Pho PDX $7


Buffalo Tempeh Things at Mash Tun $6.95

Mash Tun

Club Backspace from Backspace $7


Biscuits & Gravy at Vita Cafe $3-5

Vita Biscuits

Special at Taqueria Los Gorditos

action shot, starring...

Spaghetti with Gravy (Tomato Sauce) and Veggies at Yarp?! $6

PDX Yarp!?


32 responses to “The Stumptown Vegans Present: 25 Great Vegan Foods for $7 or Less

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    • love the dong po and sesame tofu at bay leaf!!

      Hot Lips recently (fairly recently?) added the option of a vegan slice to their daily $6 lunch special, too!

      I wish I saw Fat Kitty around more.

  2. oh, this is lovely! thank you. now i will have a quick reference guide for when i’m simultaneously pinching pennies and not up for cooking. also, i can’t believe i haven’t had those tempeh things before. holy yum!

  3. Ooh; I like this! I like this a lot! Just had the Tofu Salad Bùn at Pho PDX for the first time today; SUCH a good decision.

    A few notes, though:
    12. This breaks my heart, but it looks like Thai Basil’s changed ownership recently (or something similar). My default Pad Kee Mao with tofu now has to be requested without eggs, seems smaller, and is still $5 but doesn’t come with a drink OR salad roll anymore, and just wasn’t as good (maybe that’s because they had to use pad thai noodles that day, since they were out of the wide ones?). My sheer glee at their lunch is gone. This was my first cart love in Portland.
    15. The listing and the photo have different prices (had that one a couple weeks ago on a whim; delicious!).
    22. How much is that Biscuits and Gravy at SP?
    23. Special pies at Whiffie’s are sometimes $5 — I had the (delicious) vegan florentine last week, and it cost me a fiver.

    • Liene – I was just there last week and the deal was on at Thai Basil. They have been known to run out of salad rolls and certain veggies, probably noodles as well. We will check back there to make sure the deal is still on. There are plenty of other restaurants that could go up on the list.
      Sweetpea Biscuits and gravy are not always available (we talk about this on the podcast). The price is around $5.

      • Dammit! Seriously? Because this was maybe a couple weeks ago, and one of the customers there asked about it, and was told he could have water (or possibly a soda). If it’s not Thai iced tea with soymilk, I’m not interested. And they had salad rolls (I’ve been there too late and missed them), but they did not come with the meal. The pad kee mao was, however, totally different (beyond the noodles), and the menu’s different, too.

        Clearly I need to get with the podcast action! 🙂

      • Well…what if I’m really grumpy and lacking in Vitamin Pie? 😀

        Seriously I need like ten thousand hours of sleep, and a vacation.

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  5. Wow. I just moved to Portland from Philly about 2 weeks ago. I’m a broke ass with no job at the moment. but have been really wanting to get out to try some local vegan fare. This list is HEAVEN SENT. I owe you my first born.

  6. I’m dying to know what a Frito Pie is, but am a little disappointed that it looks like a salad. Hmm… Please tell me it’s really something ooey, gooey, baked, and smothered in crushed fritos? Please!?

    Also, wouldn’t 4 HTT corn dogs come in at under $7? I daydream about them.

    • ASB – You may just have to wait for the upcoming review to hear more about the Frito Pie from the poorly lit Fixin’ To! Or, you could just listen to the podcast.

      HHT’s corndogs are a good deal and the specials they have are awesome! Vita also has some great happy hour menu items!

  7. This is such an awesome list! My wife and I are coming to PDX for a week next month and this list is going to help us a bunch. This amount of vegan food is overwhelming for us north-central Texans. 🙂

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  9. Wolf & Bear’s Vegan Sabish(?) is amazing and $5.
    The Nichola Mezza Platter is a meal for two, and also incredible!
    And, as sad as I am to say I know this, Casa Diablo has the best vegan tacos in the world, two for $3 on Tuesdays.

  10. Pingback: Mash Tun – Pretty darn good. « Alisha1983′s Blog·

  11. Haha Melisser! i’m going to eat all of Portland’s food and leave none for you!!

    This list is awesome and super helpful for out-of-towners (like we will be this weekend!) So thanks! I wanted to suggest if you and/or your readers ever want to make another list, a must-eat for visiting vegans would be killer. I’m doing plenty of research, but breakfast places are a not as easy to find as lunch and dinner and knowing stuff like the fact that Portobello is closed Sun-Mon would be super helpful for us overwhelmed visitors. When vegans visiting SF ask where to eat, we have definite lists of must-do’s and don’t bothers. Thanks again for all the great info. If only we had more than 5 days to eat!

  12. In bummer news, I got this from the vegan who introduced me to Thai Basil a couple years ago:

    “The new owners of Thai Basil changed recipes and nothing is vegan anymore. They started using fish sauce in it all.” (He also added “however Just Thai is super good and their vegan fried rice is easily 2 or 3 meals for $5.”)

    I’m not sure if they can or will leave it out if requested, but there are so many vegan-friendly carts around, I’d rather patronize those ones, instead.

  13. Ooooh Jess, how you could you toy with me like that? Any chance you wanna send me the list???? We’re arriving in PDX tomorrow morning and could really use it 😉 Please? Please? Pretty, pretty please? With loads and loads of vegan sugar on top, PLEASE???? I will not sell it, post it, blog about it, or exploit it any other inappropriate ways. I will care for it as if it were one of my very own beloved fur-children. I will snuggle it, and kiss it, tell it how adorable it is, and even let it sit on my lap when I’d really rather do other stuff (like EAT VEGAN FOOD!) If you don’t wanna, I guess I can try to understand (not really). But if you do, I would likely be inspired to want to THANK YOU by buying you some food from one of the amazing places on your amazing list. 😉

  14. Aww, thanks! We’re not there right now, but we had such fun and ate such amazing food, we will definitely be heading back sooner rather than later. A lot of what we did eat was thanks to various reviews and resources of yours, so thanks for doing our bellies right!! We’ll have fun looking over your list and I’m sure it will factor hugely in us picking a date to return.

    You really have provided a great source of info for all of us out-of-towners who would be lost without you.

    Thank you again and again! ~ Chris

    Oh, and next time we’re there, we will want to buy you some tasty food 🙂

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