Pyro Pizza cart

Pyro Pizza cart, Brief Review
Overall Service Food Quality Atmosphere Vegan Options
9.5 10 10 9 9
Location: SE 12th and Hawthorne
Hours: Wed-Thurs 6pm – 12am
Friday-Saturday 6pm-3am (503) 929-1404
Times Visited: 4


The latest addition to the cart lot at SE 12th and Hawthorne has quickly garnered  well-deserved popularity.  Opened by the proprietors of the Give Pizza a Chance cart downtown, Pyro Pizza bestows not just another great late night option.  It bestows stand out pizza.

The wood-paneled pizza cart is a sleek box in the northwestern corner of Cartopia.  The cart hosts a wood-fired oven that must be full of magic.  Every hand-tossed pizza is presented steaming hot, decorated with high quality ingredients that exemplify freshness.   Their pizzas are personal sized, about 8 inches round, and made to order.  The Caramelized Onion ($7), Marinated Tomato ($6), and Traditional Margarita ($8), are all easily veganized.  Vegan cheese is available for substitution for an extra $1, and is beyond worth it.  The wood-fired oven’s fierce heat melts vegan cheese like nothing  seen before.  They have achieved the perfect melt that blows vegans away (pre-Daiya, of course), and tempted non-vegans!

The Marinated Tomato has this flow of melted vegan cheese, entire leaves of fresh basil, and sweet cherry tomatoes. The curse of bland winter tomatoes is happily saved by the mingling of a tangy balsamic sauce.  This is a great deal, but my personal favorite is the aromatic Traditional Margarita.  Once again, the substitution of vegan cheese rocks the pizza. The combination of this sensation with a vibrant tomato sauce, great olive oil, and even more fresh basil,  on a moist, yet crisped, rustic crust come together as the best version of a vegan margarita pizza this reviewer has ever had from an eatery in Portland! Normally, this reviewer longs for a thin, New York style crust, but the slightly chewy bite of this pizza is simply gratifying.  The Margarita is a little pricier than the Marinated Tomato, but worth it.  To top that, my wait for pizza has always been less than fifteen minutes!

To sum it up, the case for this newcomer as the best pizza in Portland is as follows:

  • The cart hosts a wood-fired oven!
  • The fantastically chewy bite of a rustic crust with a hint of sweetness.
  • Zesty, homemade tomato sauce.
  • Clearly passionate, friendly staff.
  • High quality ingredients.
  • Very vegan friendly.
  • Great location in the Cartopia at SE 12th and Hawthorne, with many picnic tables for seating.
  • Portland cart pride. That’s nothing new!

Pyro Pizza marks the second time a cart pizza has made me weak in the knees.  The first was from the old Al Forno Ferruza cart by PSU,  that has since opened a restaurant on NE Alberta Street.  Check out Pyro’s twitter and posted menu at the cart for specials featuring seasonal ingredients.  Bonus – they’ve been known to break out the vegan sausage on specials, and offer their unique, homemade sodas made with beet sugar!

That’s my argument.  See how it compares to your favorites!

Marinated Tomato Pizza with Vegan Cheese

Pyro Pizza


6 responses to “Pyro Pizza cart

  1. Fancy gourmet pizza, from a cart! That’s how my boyfriend and I described the awesome pizza we ate from Pyro last night. We got the Marinated Tomato Pizza shown above in the review. The vegan cheese melted like I have never seen before (it was Follow Your Heart) and the nice man who ran the cart told us he is going to try to get us all some Daiya Cheese (hell yes). We can’t wait to try the other pizza combos he has to offer; all sound unique and not like your average pizza toppings.

  2. either cheese works for me. the couple of times i’ve been to that cart, i’ve been delighted (and super stuffed). i’m a sucker for a good crust, and they have my approval. i’m just glad i can choose something other than deep fried whiffies and potatoes in the middle of the night. i’m not really a fan of the other alleged vegan options the other carts have to offer.

    i’m also thankful there is another pizza cart in town… because A.F.F. makes me cry angry tears of disappointment.

  3. Ok guys. Sooo I love this cart (see first comment). However, last night I was pretty let down. Boyfriend and I asked for traditional margarita w/ vegan cheese. The dude said “we don’t have vegan cheese sorry”. I was so sad that I didn’t think to ask “wait a minute-you’re all out of vegan cheese or you guys don’t sell it anymore?”. So now I’m not sure if they have vegan cheese anymore at all…which I really hope is not the case!

    But don’t get sad guys, we decided to try Hammy’s greek vegan pizza cuz Pyro didn’t work out. I’ve read so-so reviews about the place, but I gotta say my bf and I LOVED LOVED LOVED the greek vegan pizza we ate from their. So, it was all good. (Still hoping Pyro has vegan cheese though cause I love them too).

  4. Anyone know of a pizza place in Portland that carries/uses Daiya on their vegan pizzas? I’ve been dying to try it, and if there isn’t a restaurant, I’m going to have to go buy some and make my own.

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