Perierra Crêperie

Perierra Creperie Brief Review
Overall Service Food Quality Atmosphere Vegan Options
7.75 9 6.5 9 6.5
Location: The parking lot at SE 12th and Hawthorne
Hours: Tue-Sat. 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 a.m. Sun. 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m. Times Visited: 3


When the Perierra Creperie cart opened, I had no doubt it would one day offer vegan crepes.  It seemed like a natural evolution in that SE Portland parking lot filled with carts.  Sure enough, the announcement came this spring on the Food Fight! blog and the cart quickly caught the attention of the Portland vegans.

You can see the French specialty prepared promptly for each order through the large glass windows of this contemporary member of the “could it be any more popular?” cart village at SE 12th and Hawthorne.  There are both sweet and savory crepes, with a couple of vegan menu specials posted in the window and the ‘Make Your Own’ option.  Off the bat, these crepes are not the soft and thin crepes you’ve had before, or dreamt of after seeing Amelie too many times.  All vegan crepes at Perierra are also gluten free, with a batter based of rice and chickpea flours. This combination of allergen awareness and the vegan hook-up  is both convenient and touching, especially for the gluten free vegans in your life.  Besides passing on the rice cake pizzas my aunt would subject my celiac cousin to when we were younger, I’m eager to try new things and include gluten free meals into my vegan life.

The winner of the savory vs. sweet vegan crepe decision is absolutely the savory. The slightly earthy and somewhat crispy crepe layers work best with the savory ingredients.  I’ve tried two savory crepes ($8); one had tofutti cream cheese, fresh spinach, sautéed mushrooms, and roasted red peppers, and another brought decadent mole sauce to the mix, minus the peppers.  Your initial bite of crepe may take you by surprise if you’re not one to stock up on chickpea flour, but once you hit the notable filling, the curiosity starts to shed.  The mole sauce mixed with tofutti cream cheese is my favorite component because of how remarkable the flavor of the sauce is.  I’d like to see even more savory fillings stand against the alternative crepe – think curry, spiced potatoes, and roasted garlic – they’d all hold their own like the mole does.

The ‘Make Your Own’ sweet crepe ($6) I had featured fragrantly inviting melted chocolate, fresh strawberries, and blueberries.  While the filling was lovely, the actual crepe distracted me here.  A friend of mine raves about a banana and rum crepe she ordered, and I’ve made a mental note to try it, but my recommendation remains with the savory.  Perierra also has a shake menu that taunts me with the Coconut, Basil, and Avocado, in particular, but none are vegan.  There is an invigorating and filling berry based fruit smoothie ($5); just block all thoughts of that amazing shake from your mind and remember that Sip exists.

The crepes themselves are quite large, and I’ve shared on all my visits.  I would not order an entire one for myself.  At $6-8 per crepe, splitting is also a way to preserve your cash flow, especially if this is a late night stop.  The staff is sweet and happy to help personalize your crepe, and speedy with the actual crepe making.  You can take your folded pancake to go, sit at the picnic tables populating the cart, or even on the ground; this former parking lot is a place for impromptu late night picnics.   As a vegan, I’m giving Perrierra major credit for adding a homemade, vegan, and gluten free crepe to its menu.  Their vegan crepes are a considerate addition to French fries, fried pies and Soyrizo burritos in that magical cart village.  And I swear, every crepe I’ve tried has been better than the last.

Sweet Crepe:

Expect a better photo of a savory vegan crepe soon! If anyone has one, we’re happy to include it.

Check out the Village Creperey cart and Tour de Crepes for more vegan crepe options in town.


5 responses to “Perierra Crêperie

  1. Yum, i should try that! Ive been wanting to try crepes for a long time, and finally theirs a vegan one(even better). I’d love to check that place out

  2. I tried the vegan version of the “lemon and sugar” crepe from the non-vegan menu, and it was totally miserable. Without exaggerating, 75% of the bites I took had nothing except the crepe itself, and the other 25% had scant hints of lemon and/or sugar. It was gross. However, I would like to think, especially after reading this review, that this was a fluke crepe. Perhaps the lemon + sugar is not a good item to veganize. I will return to try a savory crepe sometime soon, given that a good crepe is one of my favorite things to eat.

  3. I’ve only had a veganized banana chocolate rum crepe, and I thought it was fabulous, although I couldn’t really taste the rum, so I would probably leave that out next time.

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