Voodoo Doughnut

Updated 4/29/2009:

Both Voodoo Doughnut now carry a full line of vegan yeasted donuts – check them out and let us know what you think!  There’s even a vegan cock and balls donut!  And a maple glazed! We’ve included a new photo at the bottom of this review.

Visit Voodoo at both locations, the original on SW 3rd and Ash and the new one at 1501 NE Davis.

Times Visited: Too Many To Count
Times Consumed Elsewhere: Many!

The talented bakers at Sweetpea recently started giving Voodoo Doughnut a run for their money. The Sweetpea donuts are yeasted and delicate, while Voodoo’s are cakey. Both, however, are fried, frosted and vegan, so bring it on!

When you find yourself downtown after a show and craving a sweet, the freshest and sweetest satisfaction can be found at Voodoo Doughnut on SW 3rd. Just off of West Burnside among bars galore, Voodoo is now open nearly round the clock. They’ve been making vegan donuts several years now, and they’ve gotten even better! Years ago I thought the donuts were actually too cakey, though the topping were usually flat out fun.

These days, there are both chocolate and yellow cake donuts. We’re happy to announce that the yellow donuts no longer have that overwhelming banana vibe to them, which they used to be guilty of. Our poor banana hating friends! Voodoo’s frosting fixings have also expanded, with classic chic-o-stick, sprinkles, nuts, coconut and ‘oreo’ topped are all still there. Today you could be in the mood for chocolate glazed with nuts, and tomorrow for plain glazed – the choice is yours and the donuts are awaiting. I appreciate that there is finally a vegan chocolate donut, but the two I’ve tried have been noticeably denser than the yellow. But give them time! Awesome vegan donuts require evolution.

The ‘oreo’ topped donut pictured below was certifiably delicious, don’t get me wrong, but the frosting was extremely sticky and called for a something to drink with it. My favorite is the maple glazed. It’s a simple yellow donut with a perfectly thin layer of maple glaze. On my most recent to-go visit, I walked out with fresh donuts in less than 5 minutes. It was early evening, Voodoo was empty and I had a sweet tooth satisfied with my first bite. There was also a full box of day old vegan donuts on the counter for $5! Somehow I passed, but I’ve had the day olds before, and would have picked them up if I had a reason. They’re easily worth the half price they’re typically sold for, so cheap vegans be on the look out.

While the non-vegan donuts have fun names, like the Grape Ape and Triple Chocolate Penetration, the vegans are simply displayed on a plate marked ‘VEGAN’. This is seen in the rotating display case. The shop itself does custom orders, so maybe they could do a vegan Cock-n-Balls (filled with creme of course) donut or vegan tempeh bacon topped donut for that special someone in your life, or well, me.

Voodoo is always on my ‘must go’ list for out of towners, whether vegan or not. It’s cheap, quick and has plenty of novelty appeal. They are entirely locally owned and operated, and working round the clock on classic and new donuts, which they now sell TWENTY-FOUR HOURS A DAY! The Voodoo establishment itself is small, and heart-warmingly grungy, with a bench against the wall and a couple mini tables. There is a also a bar to lean against outside on SW 3rd. They also serve coffee, but that’s it, and what else do you need with a freaking donut?

You can get your vegan donut fix for $1.50+ and your sugar rush on before work and after. You can also have them cater your on-site quickie marriage, with packages starting at $175 for 10 attendees. It’s nice to know that if your employer or family buys donuts, they can actually get a vegan one for you. Large orders can even be delivered if arranged in advance. Fresh VooDoo donuts are found around Portland at various coffeeshops such as Backspace, New Seasons and coops around Portland.

There are regular events such as shows with bands playing in their teeny tiny upstairs at ‘Club Doughnut’ – definitely something worth seeing happen, if only while you squeeze in past the madness to buy a donut at midnight. Show up for Swahili lessons, eating contests, weddings and the annual Cockfest, where you fit as many donuts as you can….you know!

Lastly, there official talk of a new Voodoo shop opening in the near future! Thanks for creatively thinking of us vegans, Voodoo.

Mmmm, donut.

Maple glazed and and ‘oreo’ topped donuts
april 1st 046

Dozen donuts, included yeasted
mixed dozen vegan voodoos

Rating: 3.75 out of 5
Address: 22 SW 3rd Ave Portland OR
Open 24 hours a day!


26 responses to “Voodoo Doughnut

  1. I like voodoo donut but I don’t really like how its dirty. I did read that they are opening up a bigger wholesale store somewhere.

  2. Yum – I love Voodoo! I got married there, so it’s partly sentimental, but the doughnuts are so good! I usually bring a box when we have a morning potluck at work, my coworkers actually prefer the vegan ones to the regular ones, LOL. I like that they have them early in the morning, too – though I love Sweetpea (especially the Boston cremes) I went around 8 am once to get a box for work and the doughnuts weren’t ready yet 😦 and weren’t going to be for another hour…

  3. I know a lot of vegans who snub their noses at Voodoo, but my bf and I love them. Maybe they are not fluffy classic donuts, but they are super yummy fried piles of sugar and what’s not to like about that?! 😀

  4. I prefer cake donuts myself but if I ever had a reason to order custom made donuts, I would most definitely call voodoo and get a vegan cock n balls!

  5. Chelsea – What an awesome memory!

    Thanks for the donut love, guys.

    Veganazi – The official website FAQ says they were planning on opening a new location this past year, so here’s hoping it’s still on for the future. I still really like the charm and novelty of the SW 3rd spot..

    I will add that I burst with happiness and sugar the first time I visited the Mighty-O store and ate a fresh pumpkin donut…

  6. The chick-o-stick donut is pure awesomeness. My favorite! I tried Sweetpea’s chocolate frosted glazed donuts a couple of months ago and I have to say the consensus among my friends was that their recipe needs more work. there was no comparison to Voodoo’s donuts though they do have some other more perfected options. Thanks for the review & info on new donuts in development. Can’t wait til they have an east-side shop!

  7. i’d never been to the SW one but i just stopped by the new NE location (davis at sandy) and asked about the vegan doughnuts. they only had yellow so i asked about chocolate, as i’d seen the reference to them here. well, the girl behind the counter said the chocolate ones were never really vegan.

    let’s hope she was just a big ol’ crazypants.

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  9. The new voodoo donuts is right around the corner from my house……….I have been mainly a raw vegan for almost a year now and ‘god bless them’ they have killed my diet.

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  11. I was just at Voodoo, and instead of having one small plate of vegan doughnuts in the display, the entire top tier was vegan! So much more vegan variety than I’d ever seen before!

  12. Went to VooDoo the other day and the whole top shelf was marked as vegan…thought it must be wrong as the selection included risen doughnuts (not just cakey ones) and seemed to offer the full VooDoo catalog including the Tex-Ass doughnut, VooDoo doughnut, and even the Cock and Balls. We asked the girl at the counter and she said that everything on that top shelf was indeed vegan. We were so excited we almost jumped out of our seats! It’s still hard to believe…maybe someone should look into this to be sure!

  13. Megan – I too was very excited to have my first vegan voodoo doll doughnut. I thought that we had updated this post about the yeast doughnuts, but I guess not. Thanks for the reminder and the excuse to go there and photograph another one!

  14. The post should be updated to reflect that they have indeed opened a location in NE, near Sandy.

    I’m excited to try their new yeasty donuts when I visit in a month or so.

  15. so i have a friend who just stoped working at voodoo on sandy and he said that the vegan ones are vegan but they cook them in the same oil with the non vegan ones……just thought everyone should know to make there own decision on them i prefer the ones at sweetpea at least i know there vegan!

    • Thanks for the information! I called just now to confirm whether they have a separate place for vegan doughnuts, and… They said all the doughnuts are fried together in the same oil and they used soy oil. For this I don’t think I will visit Voodoo anymore.

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