Ronald’s Donuts

Ronald’s Donuts
Overall Service Food Quality Atmosphere Vegan Options
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4600 W Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, Nevada 89102
Hours: Everyday 4am-4pm Times Visited: 1

While Portland is lucky enough to have two vegan doughnut options on Sweetpea Baking and Voodoo Doughnuts menus, they aren’t the the same caliber as Ronald’s Donuts in Las Vegas. Even Mighty-O Doughnuts in Seattle falls short because when you have a craving for yeasted doughnuts, cake doughnuts just don’t come close.

Ronald’s Donuts in Las Vegas is located in an unsuspecting strip mall a couple of miles off of Las Vegas Bld, accessable by bus. The hanging sign outside notes they have been voted the best doughnuts in Las Vegas for a long time running.

Entering the store made me question if I was in the correct location – it was so normal, as if I was at Winchell’s or an independent doughnut shop around the corner. A glass display case runs the length of the store and is filled with a large variety of doughnuts. The store contains an averaged sized seating area with basic tables  and uncomfortable chairs that are often filled with a mix of people, include police officers, reading the paper, drinking coffee, and eating doughnuts. Ronald’s is normal in appearance, this is no Voodoo.

I asked for a variety of 1 dozen vegan doughnuts when I reached the counter. The nice server told me the top two, of three, shelves of doughnuts were all vegan. I didn’t think I had heard her right. 2/3 of the doughnuts in the shop were vegan?! Wow. The vegan doughnuts were not limited to one tray, like Voodoo, or only offered on a certain day like Sweetpea. I ordered a variety including Boston Cream, jelly filled, apple fritter, braid, maple bar, chocolate bar, bear claw,  and a couple of others.

It’s difficult to explain how awesome they all were. These are real yeasted doughnuts. Light and fluffy without any yeasty taste. The filled doughnuts were great but may not have had enough filling for my liking. Though I may have had a special moment with a bear claw, asking me to pick my favorite would be like asking me to pick one child over the other. I often heard omnis say they taste like regular old, vegetarian doughnuts, no noticeable difference. Seeing how they have won the best Las Vegas doughnut shop award for many years, I would say they must be better than other doughnuts. For less than $8 for a dozen – you cannot go wrong.

Ronald’s is a typical doughnut shop. Nothing special about this place, to the eye. But to a vegan with a sweet tooth – Ronald’s is the best place in Las Vegas. There are very few reasons I would vist Las Vegas again, but Ronald’s Donuts is one of them. Just remember that they only take cash and close a little early.

The shop:

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11 responses to “Ronald’s Donuts

  1. It’s a good thing I don’t like Vegas…I hate to think what would happen if I had access to the store.

    As it is, I had a friend go there for a convention and she mailed me a box of donuts. My husband and I ate them all that day. They were soooooooo good! I would NEVER have known the difference when I was an omnivore.

  2. how exciting to see ronalds again. i used to live 4 hrs north of vegas and would go there every other month or so. always with a stop at ronalds on the way out of town. so good…

  3. Ooh I’m glad to make an appearance here, in my outdoor shot of the place! It’s amazing how unassuming and unexciting it looks, totally belying the treasures held inside 🙂

  4. I live in Vegas and try to go there once a month… my fave is the Boston Creme. It was my pregan favorite and Ronald’s makes them just like I remember! And the little old man who is always working the counter is so sweet!

    If you’re ever back in Vegas, Red Velvet Cafe is a relatively new place that has lots of vegan options, and Komol Thai has a huge vegan menu.

  5. Chester – I will assume you are serious about your question because there has been a rumor going around that yeast is not vegan.

    Yeast is vegan, it is in the same family as mushrooms.

    Some vegans do not eat yeast as others do not eat soy or wheat – they are allergic. While some may have other ethic reasons and don’t use oil or chalk because it required animals to die to produce, long, long ago.

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