Daphne’s Greek Cafe

Update: Daphne’s closed Winter of 2009.

Daphne’s Greek Cafe
Overall Service Food Quality Atmosphere Vegan Options
3.0 5 2 3 2
Location: 538 SW 6th Portland, OR 97204   503.222.5758
Hours: Saturday – Sunday 11am-7pm
Monday-Friday 10am-8pm
Times Visited: 1

Allow me to waste no more of my time on this restaurant. Eating at Daphne’s Greek Cafe is like eating in a mall food court, without the mall. Greek fast food, at a high price.

My first, and last, meal at Daphne’s was half price thanks to their mass mailing coupons announcing their new location, and a kind co-worker. Upon arriving we were met with a long line, cafeteria-style seating, and multiple large images of their meal options plastered around the space. The menu looked promising, but not too exciting – hummus, pita, falafel, and even a Vegetarian Lunch Plate containing hummus, salad, bread, spanakopita, and rice. At $7, it seemed expensive for a lunch I probably couldn’t eat much of, but I did it for the review. I held my breath and ordered the Vegetarian Lunch sans dairy, hoping they knew what that meant.

After ordering and paying at the counter, we grabbed some seats and drinks, and before we knew it our food was served. A full plate of Hummus, falafel, pita, rice, spanakopita, and salad were served. Having asked for no dairy I was interested to see what would be presented. Apparently that meant serving fewer  fried spanakopita pieces that did not show feta from the outside. Upon dissection, of course there was feta inside.

I was skeptical of my meal and only felt comfortable eating the hummus, salad, and bread. Good thing, because according to the allergy information on their website, only the following foods are vegan-friendly: Dolmas, salad with dressing, and rice. After an email to company, they guaranteed that the Hummus, Dolmas, Salad (except the Feta), and Salad Dressing do not contain any animal or dairy products.

This doesn’t really matter because the food isn’t a good choice for downtown Portland lunch because we have better, cheaper options available just blocks away. Stay away from Daphne’s somewhat-garlicly hummus, and sad lettuce salad.

If you’re looking for Greek food downtown, good luck. The Greek Cuisina has a decent, but pricey vegetable sandwich, and most Alexis meals are drenched in dairy products.

The image of the meal was so disappointed with itself it walked away.


10 responses to “Daphne’s Greek Cafe

  1. ugh i hate feta! it’s so infuriatingly gross. anything that smells like lamb/goats milk…whatever is not FOOD!

    I can smell it now just seeing the word…can’t imagine how u felt upon inspection of the pie.

    poor you!

  2. i am severely lactose-intolerant and eat vegan and just stumbled upon this site in my frantic search for information……. i just ate their “Original Hummus and Pita” … however, on the “allergen” section of their site, this plate is not listed, so i am not sure if the pita has any milk in it. i couldn’t find a way to email the company, only for franchising information. do you happen to know the answer?

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