Full Sail Brewery

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Full Sail Brewery Review
Overall Service Food Quality Atmosphere Vegan Options
6.25 6 7 8 4
Location:506 Columbia Street, Hood River, OR, 541-386-2247
Hours: Everyday 11:30 – Post dinner Times Visited: 2

There are many great local companies that reside in Hood River and Full Sail Brewery happens to be one of them. Luck for us vegans, Full Sail offers another local product on their brewery pub menu – tempeh burgers from the makers of Tofurky, Turtle Island Foods.

The Full Sail Brewery is a bar, with bar food, and a bar atmosphere. It’s loud when it’s full and serves a lot of meat products, but the alcohol is plenty and the view is spectacular! If you visit on a nice day you’ll have the option of outdoor dining, but be warned, it can be very windy and you’ll be surrounded by relaxing wind surfers. Inside seating is varied with different tables tables, bench, chair, and bar seating. No matter where you sit try to find a place where you can look out over the Columbia River and take in Mount Adams, which shouldn’t be hard with the huge picture windows.

Rumor has it that this pub once served Tofurkey Bier Brats (made with Full Sail Ale), but no longer. The vegan menu is skimpy – the Tempeh Burger minus the cheese and aoli, and a salad with pears and walnuts. Skip the fries – they are fried in the same fryer as the dead animals. Go for the mixed baby greens as a side and you’ll have a great meal.

The tempeh buger tastes like it is the SuperBurger product, which is surprising soft, and flavorful for a normally dense tempeh. I enjoyed the addition of onions in the soy and rice cultured burger. Since it’s a premade product I assume the quality is similar from burger to burger. The addition of roasted red onions made the burger taste great with the fresh mixed greens.

So, next time you find yourself in Hood River and you’re sick of eating Chinese food at China Gorge, or maybe you’re done with your daily brewery tour, try Full Sail Brewery pub for some beers an a tempeh burger. Full Sail is a great place to kick back and enjoy the Northwest.

Tempeh Burger:

Other places for vegan food in Hood River: Mother’s Grocery, 6th Street Bistro, Acre Coffeehouse, and Andrew’s Pizza. Avoid Bette’s and Egg Harbor.


6 responses to “Full Sail Brewery

  1. Did you ask them about the bun? I always worry about egg or milk in the bun and you didn’t mention it one way or the other.

  2. I love Hood River and have been wanting to take a drive out there for quite some time! Now I know where to eat when I finally pull it together and go out there!

  3. Had to travel to Hood River for work, and on our way back we stopped there and I had just that. Not too bad as pub food goes, though brewpubs seem to cater well to vegans in general.

    Speaking of which, you need to get to Deschutes downtown and review their homemade veggie burger. I love Deschutes beer, but the burger is enough to make me want to go there by itself.

    Stumbled on this site recently and have been enjoying it. Keep it up!

  4. I’ve just been searching around for vegan blogs and came across yours. I’m in Canada, in a city that doesn’t do alot of vegan options…vegan beer & pub food sounds so wonderful!

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