Gorilla Food

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Gorilla Food in Brief Review
Overall Service Food Quality Atmosphere Vegan Options
8.75 8 9 8 10
Location: 101-422 Richards St. Vancouver, BC
Hours: Times Visited: 1

Gorilla Food, in Vancouver, BC, reminds me of a more hippie Blossoming Lotus since it is all raw, organic, and vegan! The restaurant recently moved to an underground location. Some may think moving underground is a step backward from their previous street front location with sidewalk ordering window, but this place is awesome. It feels like you’re entering a welcoming, but still raw, cave. The stone basement walls, wood furniture, and vine details show how a hole in the wall can be recreated into a destination.

Gorilla Food is a restaurant where the food is simple in theory, but complex in the details. Even the water comes in a special containers sitting on a shelf. I wasn’t sure of the reason, but it did taste good. One of my favorite elements of the restaurant is the pipe and wiring detailing across the walls. Normally these would try to be hidden but at Gorilla Food they keep them exposed and used them in the design curving the wires along the wall to look like a vine, then with leaves and smaller vines painted along-side to complete the image. This is similar to McMenamins painting the joints of their pipes with little faces.

They seem to put a lot into their food and love what they do. Gorilla Food has created a variety of unique dishes displayed on their menu using all raw cooking techniques to make their food the best. First I tried the Water Wisdom Salad because the term “tenderized kale” intrigued me. I imagined someone in the back beating the kale with a mallet then mixing it with some chopped seaweed. This may have been the case. The dressing for the salad was a sesame apple dressing which really brought the somewhat salty of the seaweed together with the light sweetness of the apple. The texture was very chewy and with the inclusion of some raw, soaked nuts it made the dish feel full and well grounded in my mouth. As much as I enjoyed this dish I would only like a portion half the full size. The price seemed a little high at about $7 or $8 dishes, including the pizza. With that said, it’s worth the price for good raw.

The Pesto Pizza is your traditional raw pizza with a dehydrated nut and seed crust with marinara, a sweet pesto and a pine nut cheese sauce with a tomato on top. Raw pizzas are best eaten with a fork in case the crust cracks. This pizza is flavorful with tomato, basil, and nut cheese. A very enjoyable slice of raw pizza.

The Falafel contains many nuts and seeds soaked and formed into a balls and sit on top of a lettuce leaf topped with parsley, tomatoes, and a wonderful tahini sauce. The only issue I found with this dish was how to eat it! If it’s picked up the lettuce leaf breaks and if you eat it with a fork it doesn’t seem like a falafel anymore. Really though, who cares when food tastes great and makes you feel even better! There’s a lot more chewing that occurred when eating this falafel compared to a traditional fried falafel because of the nutty texture of the of the falafel balls. Chewing definitively makes you slow down to enjoy your food a bit more.

Next time you’re in Vancouver, don’t be shy to eat underground. Stay and enjoy a rawcarroon – raw macaroon after your meal! Be warned that the seating area is small and parties larger than three may have a difficult time finding enough table space.

Water Wisdom Salad:

Pesto Pizza:



Gorilla Food in Brief Review
Overall Service Food Quality Atmosphere Vegan Options
8.75 8 9 8 10
Location: 101-422 Richards St. Vancouver, BC
Hours: Times Visited: 1



5 responses to “Gorilla Food

  1. I have been to GORILLA before. I had a great time today. Starting with the lovely staff. I had a green drink with kale, parsley and apple. A powerful drink. After, I had the pesto pizza that is really excellent. I had a basic purple and grean coleslaw salad that seemed to have a dressing of avocado, some olive oil and sesame seeds. I was very content after this meal. Thank you.

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