Su Casa

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Su Casa fills the gap of taquerias peppering Lombard by providing a welcoming sit-down restaurant you’d go to with your family to enjoy the warm chips and fresh salsa before the hot plates of food arrive. Lucky for us vegans, Su Casa offers a full vegetarian menu, most of which can be easily made vegan.

The restaurant itself is nothing to get excited about; it can feel empty because of the design. There are little to few decorations or room dividers. Nothing interesting to note about the table layout, but maybe to note they were clean. All of this reminds this reviewer that this place could have been a dressed down Denny’s, but it still has a family owned and operated feel. There are booths and tables lining the walls with a few central tables in the open space. There’s also bar, which I have yet to visit.
The vegetarian menu features the usual: burritos, enchiladas, fajitas, tostadas, and all of the rest. The black beans set the vegetarian menu apart from the “regular” menu, which is a shame because refried bean are so nice in a burrito. Su Casa’s menu is all incredibly fresh. The salsa must have been made the same day I visited. The warm crunch of the newly baked chips with the cool, somewhat spicy salsa is why I love Mexican restaurants and Su Casa has become my place to eat baskets full of warm, salted chips.

The tostadas are just as fresh as the chips and salsa, but a bit plain without avocado or cheese. The beans were cooked perfectly and for $4 I’ll order this again.

The fajitas made for an uncomfortable dining situation. First, a HUGE pile of seasoned vegetables arrived. A long wait followed before receiving the beans, rice, and tortillas. Twice those eating this meal thought that maybe vegan fajitas consisted only of seasoned vegetables and started digging in because of the wait between the plates. After everyone else was served, out came the sides of beans, guacamole, and rice. This plate seemed like they were skimping on the beans and rice, but really, it was the pile of vegetables causing items to appear smaller than they were. Later, we were given our choice of corn or flour tortillas – some of the freshest tasting tortillas I’ve had since leaving Texas. The vegetables appeared to be of the frozen, then steamed variety – they were lightly seasoned to keep the flavor of the vegetables and just a peak of the mildly spiced seasoning.

Overall, I enjoy Su Casa as a neighborhood joint. If it was across town, I don’t think I’d visit. If you’re in North Portland and you’re searching for some good Mexican food where you know there won’t be lard in the beans – check out Su Casa. Close your eyes, enjoy the freshness of the food, and pretend you’re not sitting in North Portland.

SU Casa - Tostada

Su Casa - Fajita 2

Su Casa - Fajita 1

Rating: 2.5/5
Sunday-Thursday 11:00 am-9:00pm
Fr-Sat 11am-10 pm
3107 N Lombard St.


9 responses to “Su Casa

  1. Thanks for the review! That’s right by my mom’s house, and it’s always nice to know where I can eat over there. Usually I end up getting takeout from Thai Ginger… they know what vegan means, but their curry is too soupy.

    Nice that they have veggie fajitas at Su Casa – I love fajitas and am still surprised that you don’t find veggie ones here like you do in California or Arizona. I really like the fajitas at Mazatlan on W. Burnside – they have tofu 🙂

  2. Thanks for the Pizza Fino suggestion! Somehow I totally missed that review and I’ve never noticed the restaurant.

  3. I also missed the Pizza Fino listing, I live in arbor Lodge and I go by there several times a week when picking up stuff at the PO box! That listing led me to the Hot Lips pizza one and while my office recently moved to the Pearl, I had never tried it. I am eating a vegan slice right now! It’s very tasty. Thanks much, this escaped NYer and 2nd generation Italian is delighted!

  4. Good to know about Su Casa and Thai Ginger! I pass Thai Ginger sometimes on the bus, and it’s always cool to find another thai place that “knows what vegan means.” My local place — I like it — but I like amassing more choices, too!

    And yep, Rumpspankers will be across from Good Neighbor Pizza, I believe!

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