Winter 2010 Update:
Voleur has closed.

Times Visited: 2

Voleur is on the higher end of downtown lunch spots. It’s a cozy restaurant on the corner of SW 1st and Ash. I can image the scene is different during the evenings being surrounded by dance clubs and the scene that follows . The tall eastern windows flood the main dining space with light, but the wood features absorb the light and can make it feel intimate and comfortable. The bar area is much darker with a few booths and a heavy wood bar with many beers on tap.

The lunch and dinner menus offer two items which can be made vegan: the Winter Vegetable Jambalaya, and the SW Vegetarian Black Bean Burger. They also have the obligatory hummus plate, but they dress it up with Kalamata olive and jalapeno. It may be because the restaurant has not been very full, but the service has always been top notch. The wait staff has always been very helpful and informative as to what is vegan.

Both dishes are filling and flavorful, but overpriced. The Winter Vegetable Jambalaya is a hearty quinoa stew flavorful with tomato, carrot, spinach, and zucchini. There’s a bit of spice, but nothing that really stands out. The dish is made vegan by omitting the sausage from the $10 dish and it’s still $10 without the meat, a trend that’s been annoying these Stumptown Vegans. The meal would taste better if the price was lower, that’s for sure. I’d only order the dish again on a cold day where I needed the warmth that only comfort food can provide.

On the other hand, I’d love to visit Voleur again and again to enjoy the Black Bean Burger and side salad. The $9 burger was made better with the substitution of avocado for cheese. Voleur’s salad dressing options shows they are a cut above other restaurants in the area and not just in price. The fresh greens and berry vinegrette made for a wonderful addition to the meal.

Another condiment that shows that Voleur’s is a cut above the rest is their Habanero Blackberry Ketchup used to adorn the burger. It’s not too spicy but it adds to the flavor of the soft, but firm, house-made black bean burger and avocado. Happy Hour allows you to enjoy the burger for only $4, so we highly suggest checking it out at a lower price.

From the atmosphere, the quality of food, attentive wait staff, to the high prices, it’s clear that Voleur is a quality dinning spot downtown. The only draw back beside the price is the occasional sticky table. If the price weren’t so high for a vegan meal, I’d visit this restaurant more often. The outdoor seating on the Max line route, is pleasant and a wonderful place to watch the world go by.

SW Vegetarian Black Bean Burger:
Volure - Burger

Winter Vegetable Jambalaya:

Rating: 3 out of 5
Address: 1st and SW Ash
Hours: Monday-Thursday 11am-3am, 24 hours Friday and Saturday


2 responses to “Voleur

  1. I love happy hour at Voleur – well drinks are cheap, that burger is only $4 and really filling, the servers are nice and helpful, and the ambiance (indoor or outdoor) is great. I wouldn’t go any other time of the day, though. I’m a cheapskate!

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