Laurelthirst Public House

Date: January 3, 2008
Times Visited: 3

Move over Beaterville – I love your jam, but you don’t offer me pancakes – my breakfast meal of choice. Laurelthirst Public House has taken my number one favorite weekday breakfast spot. Laurelthirst is a quiet breakfast joint weekdays, bustling brunch spot on the weekends (like every other breakfast place in town), and a music venue/bar every evening.

The dark brick walls and deep red booths remind you that you’re eating breakfast in a bar. A quick glance to the actual bar and you consider beer for breakfast, forgetting the time of day. As the restaurant fills up and your coffee arrives, it turns into a nice diner and you notice the stand-alone tables and cute eating nooks by the windows – it’s breakfast time!

The menu has a lot of vegan breakfast items, namely the Pancakes and French Toast. Unfortunately, the pancakes are only sold on the weekdays, which is a shame. Vegans can also eat the potatoes and house-made veggie sausage patties. You can also try their Vegan Breakfast Burrito, Homefries with Vegetables, or Tofu Scrambles.

The pancakes are the reason to visit – they are light, fluffy, and best of all, HUGE! One pancake could be enough for some, but I prefer going for 2 and only eating one and a half. I love that you can add bananas, strawberries, blueberries or walnuts to the pancakes for just 50 cents more – the blueberries are my favorite. Usually they have earth balance so slather that on with some maple syrup and dig in! Your fork will cut easily into the cake with makes it easy to devour an entire pancake without realizing it – that’s why you get two – so you can savory the second one a bit more.

The Veggie Sausages are not your typical sausages. They are more like homemade patties.They have a pan fried firmness on the outside and smooshy feel on the inside. They appear to consist of diced, once frozen, vegetables, and only vegetables, no tvp hiding in there, possibly nuts, like their housemade Veggie Burger.

The Fresh Toast is created out of thick slices of French Bread. I always enjoy the dish, but I don’t think their recipe is anything unique. Maybe the big-time Vegan French Toast reviewers reading this can correct me if I’m wrong.

The lunch menu has never excited me, but they do have many vegan options like their Housemade Veggie Burger that has lots of seeds and veggies in it. Other options include the burrito and several salads.

But, like I said before, go there for weekday breakfast and stuff yourself full of pancakes and think of me!

Vegan Pancakes:

Lauralthurst - Pancakes

Vegan French Toast:

Lauralthurst - French Toast

Veggie Sausage Patties:
Laurelthirst Sausage Patties

Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Address: 3000 NE Glisan Portland, OR
Hours: Everyday Breakfast 9am-3pm; Lunch and Dinner all the time, everyday


10 responses to “Laurelthirst Public House

  1. Whoa! You just gave me my brunch idea for the weekend! Dreadful that they don’t have the pancakes on the weekends ( i will never be able to go during the week) but the french toast looks good! Yeah!

  2. i was just there today scarfing down their vegan pancakes. so yum and fluffy! i got 2 cakes but easily could’ve done with just one…and they’re so not busy on weekdays!

  3. That french toast.
    It is the french toast of my dreams. Yeah. Sure its just blendered tofu and nothing profoundly unique. But that doesn’t stop me from wanting to skip class and drive down to laurelthirst upon seeing this picture of it.

    (And they serve it with a slice of orange? and now I can’t eat any french toast without squeezing orange juice on it.)

    Thumbs up for laurelthirst! yay!

  4. Who knew it? A bar with not only good breakfast food, but vegan at that.

    I went on a weekend — 10:15 Sunday and no line — so couldn’t try these pancakes I keep hearing about. I agree that the French toast was nothing special, but is any place more casual than this? More filling for the money? More inclined to make you just want to hang out?

    Also, I believe the main room is now smoke-free, so part of the place’s semi-negative reputation is no longer.

    Enjoyed the write-up!

  5. I went there for brunch on Sunday. Thank you for the suggestion!. I couldn’t decide between the french toast and burrito so I had both. I did like the French Toast but it still isn’t better than “fronch” toast from vegan with a vengeance.

  6. When I first moved to town about a year ago, I found this place by chance. Looked at the menu in the window, saw the vegan options, and it has since been a regular, although occasional, spot for me. I tend to always order the burrito. I have found that it consistently out-performs other vegan platter-style burritos (Cricket Cafe doesn’t even come close). The flavors are rich, the beans are done in sort of a smoky southern/southwest style, the portions are large, and the side of potatoes are plentiful. I have a large appetite, and it is a rare $8.00 meal that can fill me up. This dish comes pretty damn close! I also enjoy the laid-back atmosphere, and that it is almost never busy. Sometimes I feel reluctant to tell people about this place, because I feel like I am betraying a close-held secret. However, the food is excellent, the coffee refills are plentiful, and the atmosphere is a welcome change of pace from the hectic Portland Brunch scene.

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