Fat Kitty Falafel

Date: December 31, 2007
Times Visited: 2

The draw of the Fat Kitty Falafel stand is both the freshly made falafel wrap and it’s fascinating proprietor. Even for this horribly shy reviewer, talking to him is infectious, as he scoops, fries and wraps your meal. Al Herre, aka Mr. Fat Kitty, is a man who knows his falafel, and Portland. He’ll talk about life and you’ll listen, and encourage him, and then decide if you want vegan cilantro tahini and hot sauce. He’s no longer making the standard vegan tahini, but if he gets more vegan traffic who hate tahini, hope’s on our side. I went with hot sauce, which was nicely tangy, and not unbearable as I’d feared. I went home after a couple of bites, and whipped up some basic tahini dressing (tahini, lemon juice, water, sea salt) and the wrap improved.

As for the falafel itself, it’s not the best, but not the worst I’ve ever had. Honestly, it was better than one might anticipate. Major points for crispiness, and good points for flavor. At an easy $5 and paired with natural sodas and enjoyable conversation that I could get used to, it’s another point for Portland’s food carts.

Find Fat Kitty on SE Division St. in front of Mirador Community Store, which you should be supporting anyway. During the spring and summer, it can also be found at the Eastbank Farmer’s Market and the Milwaukie Farmer’s Market. There’s still talk of a permanent location, but for now it’s truly on the go.


betweenxmasandny 104

Rating: 3.75 out of 5
Address: 2016 SE Division St (cross-street SE 21st Ave), in front of Mirador Community Store
Tues-Sat: 11am-5pm


6 responses to “Fat Kitty Falafel

  1. i’m going to portland soon, do you have a “best of” list or something so that I can narrow down all the awesome stuff that i want to see. Thanks!

  2. Becca – We have a Top Ten Things We’ve Eaten List in the Travel Edition of Herbivore Magazine from last summer. There have been changes – but it includes Backspace, Flavourspot, Blossoming Lotus, Sweetpea Baking Co, Proper Eats, The Farm, Hush Hush, Vita, Junior’s and Nutshell – the last of which is no longer all vegan, but vegetarian.

    You can also use the “favorites” tag. Soft serve at Blossoming Lotus and a vegan maple sausage waffle at a Flavourspot cart (there are two) are must-gos! Bye & Bye is also a favorite of mine – it’s an all-vegan bar, with no smoking, fancy drinks and southern style food on NE Alberta. Hungry Tiger Too and Red & Black – both located within a block of the vegan mini mall are also worth checking out.

    Let us know if you have any questions – our favorites constantly grow and Portland constantly changes~


  3. Went to Eastbank Farmers market and had A Fat Kitty Falafel. Those things are addictive! and so is Al.

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