Jace Gace

Date: December 14, 2007
Times Visited: 2

Jace Gace is a sleek looking cafe with a funny name (it’s pronounced ya-say ga-say, check out their website to read about the person, Jace Gace.) The outside seating helps pull the cafe back just enough off Belmont to make you feel like you’ve stepped into another city since Portland is not normally this modern. The crisp white walls, color in just the right spots, and modern curbed inset wood detailing that immediately tells you that you aren’t just in any old cafe – this is special.

The big menu to the right of the door lays it all out: You’ve got three vegan options: The Traditional for $5. It’s a basic waffle served with earth balance and maple syrup; The Pina Colada for $7. Served with coconut cream, pineapple, bananas, and brown sugar; And the Avocado Rancheros for $8. Served with black beans, avocado, ranchero sauce and tofu cilantro sour cream.

You can order at the counter or open a tab if you’re planning on staying awhile and enjoying their lofty dining area with wide tables. This place always has interesting art, and since it doubles an art gallery – that makes sense. Just don’t climb on the life-sized cardboard tank while eating your waffle or drinking your wine (did I mention it’s also a bar?)

My sweet tooth led me to the Pina Colada minus the bananas. It was a nice thick and crispy waffle that held together well when topped with fluffy coconut cream, lots of pineapple and just a pinch of brown sugar. My sweet tooth frowned at the pinch of brown sugar, but smiled with the first bite. The pineapple was definitely sweet enough to wake me up.

All the way through, my waffle stayed warm and crispy with the fluffy coconut and chilled pineapple – but maybe that was because I devoured it so quickly. The coconut cream scared me a bit knowing the fat content but each bite was so perfect I couldn’t scrape it off. It was art in an art gallery and you shouldn’t paint over original art (please ignore that I ordered it without bananas – I’m allergic!)

My second visit I went for the Rancheros, and not being a savory breakfast person, it wasn’t the best choice. My waffle wasn’t as artful looking the second time, but that was fine. My problem with it was that it became soggy half way through with the huge pile of beans and salsa smothering it. The cilantro tofu sour cream was surprisingly not very cilantro-y, if at all. If you’re into savory breakfasts you should give this a try because even though it was on a waffle, none of the waffle sweetness showed through.

Don’t forget that Jace Gace is not only a great breakfast spot, it’s also a gallery, a bar, and even music venue! Waffles are $1 off on weekdays from 4-6 for Happy Hour.

Pina Colada:
Jace Gace - Pina

Avocado Rancheros:
Stay tuned while we fix some technical difficulties with this image.

Rating: 4 out of 5
Address: 2045 SE Belmont
Hours: Mon-Tues 9am-2pm, Wed-Sun 9am-Midnight


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