Food Fight Nachos!

Date: December 31, 2007
Times Visited: 2 and counting

Okay, so Food Fight‘s not a restaurant, but they now have Vegan Nachos. I am always surprised when people know Food Fight has moved to a new great location but not that they now have a great Nacho Cheese pump like other convenient stores. They also have hot dogs (add cheese for 50 cents!) and other goodies. Go and support your junk food cravings. Or go and support your health nut ideas because they now have fresh produce!

I must admit that at first I wasn’t super excited about the nachos because it had been so long since I had these kind of nachos, but after tasting them – I just want more!

Food Fight’s cheese is provided by Play Food, made from a cashew base. There is no after-taste that sometimes comes with vegan cheese. It’s an American style cheese with a bit of spice and a smooth, almost gooey consistency, as it’s served warm, pumped through a metal tube. The chips themselves are standard, tasty chips. Unlike 7-11 nachos, these are sold by the pound. The price for the bowl you see below was about $3. While each person has their own style of nacho cheese and chips, I used the method of layering chips then cheese, then chips, then cheese. You’ll figure your own style and keep going back for more because these are great. There is sometimes Blossoming Lotus chili available for adding to the nachos and hot dogs.

It will be fantastic on a warm summer evening to enjoy some nachos while sitting outside the mini mall watching your friends skate, and cars drive by yelling obscenities or praises at the vegan mall. All they need now is a faux slurpee machine!

Chips with Nacho Cheese:
Food Fight - Nachos 1

Nacho Cheese Factory:
Food Fight - Nachos 2

Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Address: 1217 SE Stark
Hours: Everyday 10am-8pm


16 responses to “Food Fight Nachos!

  1. These nachos look like crap.

    Like boring 7-11 food that will make you feel icky.


    Their looks are very deceptive, the cheese is crave-worthy and doesn’t have the after effects of other nachos like this…

    I have to keep my distance from that machine to keep from eating a huge bowl EVERY time I go!

    They are so good, they make me cry whilst I nacho dance.


  2. Reading your review got me jonesing for some of that nacho cheeze so I headed over to Food Fight to get some crunchy cheezy goodness. Alas, the power was out in the neighborhood and they were closed. Denied!

  3. two cents:
    Since the cheese is made from cashew base and I pile on the jalepenos I think it’s not much more fattening, if any, than a spinach salad with vinegar and oil dressing.
    So I get a big bowl every time I go in.
    And well, who shouldn’t move to Portland? We have all we need here.

  4. How about ‘Macho Nacho’ with a smart dog sliced up on them then more sauce. The pump nacho
    thing is amazing! Somebody should make a movie about it from the perspective of the machine itself.
    The camera is it’s eyes behind it and it watches all these glee eyed people come up with their nacho plate..Each with their own style of pumpin” the cheese.

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