Tin Shed

Date: November 14, 2007
Times Visited: 3

Every time I pass by 15th and Alberta, the Tin Shed is packed.The neighborhood, and their dogs, seem to love this place. I’ve been planning a visit for awhile but the long line deterred me. Once I actually stopped, I realized that people just like to hang out outside, it’s not always a line! But weekend brunch is another story. One day I will face the crowd and have a full report on their tofu scrambles for you.

The Tin Shed is a perfect restaurant for Alberta – it’s cute, small inside but has a lot of heated outdoor seating, interesting menu items and names, and even has a menu for the dogs. Did I mention it’s vegan-friendly? It is, very much so.

My first time I ordered the Baby Beluga. I don’t know what the name means, but to me it now means full of flavor, healthy, and hearty. Back lentils, rice, curried summer squash, mushrooms, onions and garlic, served over fresh spinach, roasted sweet potatoes, raisins, avocado, and peanuts! Most vegans will agree that vegetables, lentils, and rice are easy to cook, but we’ve all eaten at places that just don’t know how to cook them – The Tin Shed is NOT one of those place. Everything was cooked perfectly! Not too mushy, not too crunchy – perfect.

So the texture was great, but the flavors were even better. The curry was slightly hot, but the rice quickly cooled the tongue down just when you eat a great bite of sweet currents, crunchy peanuts, sweet potato and then again with the spicy vegetables. It all comes together so well. It’s like a symphony in your mouth, it was beautiful, and a lot beautiful with the size!

The Fungus Among Us was a veganizable sandwich with, you guessed it, portabella mushrooms. I’m not normally a fan of sliced mushrooms in a sandwich, I much prefer a thick cap with condiments. However, these mushrooms were marinated and the sandwich was served toasted and with caramelized onions. YUM. One thing I thought was really awesome was the side of potato salad – it was vegan, and it tasted great. That’s right, their house-made potato salad is automatically vegan! Though I prefer my food served without an ice cream scoop, I was able to look past it because of the taste – just enough simple spices, crunch and softness I enjoy in potato salad. The Tin Shed knows how to cook their vegetables.

I found the dinner prices to be a little high, $8-10, but the serving size makes up for it. I went back for happy hour and it was a very happy hour with the house made burger and spicy, house-made vegan aioli. You can see the burger has color in it so it was made with more than grains and beans. For $4 I left very happy.

I’ve only visited The Tin Shed with humans and never thought of trying the dog menu items, like the “Ham Barker Helper” which might be vegan since their house made burger is. So take your vegan dog and vegan humans and enjoy eating outside in the winter under their covered and heated patio. Have a few drinks and enjoy the street life on Alberta.

Fungus Among Us:

Tin Shed - The Fungus Among Us

Baby Beluga:

Tin Shed - The Baby

Vegan Burger:

Tin Shed - Burger

Rating: 4 out 5
Address: 1438 NE Alberta St Portland, OR 97211
Hours: Mon-Tue 7am-3pm, Wed-Sat 7am-12am, Sun 7am-10pm


6 responses to “Tin Shed

  1. Yum. Good to know. I’ve also passed by many times and seen the crowd. I had no idea they had vegan offerings!

    Black lentils are also known as beluga lentils because they look like caviar when they are cooked. Pretty gross, but they make for tasty lentils!

  2. I’ve been there on a weekend brunch and gotten a tofu scramble, which was really good. Your review made me want to go for dinner and get the baby beluga and vegan burger. Oh man, I’m hungry now!

  3. i’ve eaten at the Tin Shed a few times. i’m never in the mood for curry for breakfast so have never gotten the curry. i think i’ve only gotten tofu scrambles with grits. i was so pysched when they set out Earth Balance with my grits. vegan cheese is an option but i didn’t find that the cheese added any flavor. i like the Tin Shed and i’m psyched that i can have more than one option at a place like that.

  4. I had this for breakfast – it’s a veganized version of the “How Latin”- vegan sausage, bell pepper & onion scramble, topped with jalapeno-cilantro creme fraiche (SUB vegan aloili), tomato, avocado &
    mango-black bean salsa. I nixed the non-vegan bread and had the grilled sourdough instead. I also had fruit on the side!

  5. mm. i always get the tim curry during brunch, but the belly pleaser is vegan too. the tim curry is similar to the baby beluga but with tofu instead of rice & lentils, with a side of vegan cheese grits. the belly please is jasmine rice simmered with coconut milk, cinnamon and… something else. and i can’t remember the name, but there’s a burger with mango-black bean salsa on it that’s amazing done vegan, too! i’ve never been for dinner or happy hour, but i’ll be trying it soon.

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