Date: September 28, 2007
Times Visited: 4

Pizza is where the two Stumptown Vegans divide their common tastes. One is an east coaster and likes her crust cracker thin – the other is a west coaster who is a fan of soft and deep dish pizza. Unfortunately, people from both sides of this pizza divide have been unhappy with much of Portland’s pizza options. After reading on a blog about Hammy’s thick crust pizza the west coast vegan was excited while the east coast vegan was annoyed but went along anyway.

First off, we’d like to say that Hammy’s was more appealing before we noticed a weekly advertisement about the recent addition of hot wing pizzas. Moving on, Hammy’s is a well-priced, vegan-friendly, pizza shop that delivers to SE at all hours, then expands to the greater metro area after midnight. Their delivery is typically even quicker than promised.

When we called for delivery on a Friday evening, the order was estimated at 45 minutes and came within 30. Between the two Stumptown Vegans, there was a Greek Vegan Calzone ($7) and a personal vegan pizza ($7.50).

The Greek Vegan Calzone was a crusty and soft shelled meal filled with mushrooms, olives, peppers, garlic, onions, a bit of soy parmesan and both marinara and pesto sauce. There wasn’t much to it; nothing that really stood out to say it was great or bad. The crust was thinner than expected but it was soft like a thick pita without being thick or fluffy. The west coast vegan had never seen anything like it before. The filling was fresh and tasty. The only thing that could have made this meal better would be the inclusion of a dipping sauce.

Personal pizzas start with a vegan base of olive oil & herbs, marinara sauce or pesto. Vegan topping choices are all the normal ones – mushrooms, garlic, roma tomatoes, peppers, onions, etc. with the bonus of the house made vegan Parmesan. Both the calzone and the personal pizza included this faux cheez, which was positively light, but nothing to write home about. The pizza’s crust may look thin, but it’s nothing like the thin and crispy crust an east coaster would call their own. It reminded us of the crust at California Pizza Kitchen.

Two people managed this meal, while not over stuffing themselves. In the future, we’d recommend ordering a larger pie for two people. Vegan breadsticks are also available with marinara dipping sauce, and their dessert pizza sounds veganizable. Call them and plead! Screw that Domino’s Oreo pizza.

Hammy’s is a great neighborhood pizza shop. It’s not a restaurant we would suggest a trek across town to consume, but they’re take out and delivery only so don’t even worry about that. Our hats are off the Hammy’s for being vegan friendly and even making their own vegan cheese topping.

Hammy’s - Pizza

Hammy’s - Calzone 1

Hammy’s - Calzone 2

Herbed Breadsticks and Marinara
feb 08 beginning 007

Rating: 3 out of 5
Address: 2114 SE Clinton 503 235 1035
Hours: Open for carryout: 11am-2:30am
Open for delivery: 11am-4am


6 responses to “Hammy’s

  1. that calzone looks awesome. i’ve eaten at Hammy’s once. i ordered a carry-out vegan personal pie and got home and it had cheese on it. other than that, it wasn’t bad.
    i agree, not bad, but not knocking your socks off.

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