Breadboard in Ashland, OR

Date: September 16, 2007
Times Visited: 1

Omnivores sure do love Breadboard. It’s claimed to be the best breakfast in Ashland, but vegans beware! We went after Grilla Bites was closed and were informed that Breadboard had great home fries with rosemary and other spices.

We ordered these signature home fries, called “homers.” They were bland, possibly boiled, red potatoes with no spice. I tried jam, salt, and ketchup on them (independently) to make them taste better, but nothing helped. Unfortunately, a side order is very large; fortunately, they were cheap, about $3. The omnis weren’t even happy with the potatoes.

I ended up eating their house bread, which was tasty, but I wasn’t sure just how vegan it was. If you order bread here make sure you ask for it dry, other wise it will be buttered for you. You can also try their side of fruit or get a glass of soy milk.

Breadboard - Homers

Rating 1 out of 5
Location:744 N Main St., Ashland, OR 97520 (541) 488-0295


3 responses to “Breadboard in Ashland, OR

  1. Ugh, that sounds like a place I just went to Sunday, the John Street Cafe in St John’s. There is not a single vegan item on the menu, and the potatos (which I had to ask for without cheese) were soggy. WTF?

  2. I think you were told to go to the wrong restaurant. The rosemary potatoes are at Brothers. They have many more vegan options too.

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