Dalo’s Kitchen

Date: August, 29, 2007
Times Visited: 1

Dalo’s Kitchen is at the top of every Portland Cheap Eats guide for excellent reason – it is! For $8.99, two vegans can comfortably stuff themselves on the vegetable plate Go with a group of 5-6 and you could share 2 platters!  Located in the OAME building in North Portland, Dalo’s consists of both a casual restaurant, where you could almost believe you’re sitting in a church’s recreation room with the seating, and a side bar. I recently had my second, fulfilling experience in Ethiopian food there at a friend’s recommendation. The vegetable plate is all vegan, and features four dishes served on a giant piece of injera. For the uninitiated, injera is a flat, slightly spongy and sour thin pancake made from fermented teff flour, and it is traditionally gluten free. If you haven’t had Ethiopian before, the simple fact that you get to eat with your hands should be reason enough to experience it. Tear off a piece of injera, scoop up some food, and away you go.

Ethiopian food is big on lentils, and while eating it, I found myself thinking that this cuisine is truly the best way to spice and savor them. My favorite parts of the vegetable plate at Dalo’s are both lentil components: the misir wot, a spicy lentil dish and the misir alitcha, a milder curry lentil concoction. The other two components are gomen, which is tangy greens, and atkilt wot, a cabbage, carrot and potato dish. Dalo’s gomen is made with spinach as opposed to the more traditional collard greens, and is nice and light. The misir wot was the first dish that my dining companion and I devoured out of all four. I thought the spice was spot on and just hot enough that I wasn’t too frustrated about my water not being refilled.  The misir alitcha was creamy and the cabbage medley was tastier than I’d expected, being at room temperature. It didn’t look like my type of dish, but I liked it. Please note that it is also possible to substitute a small salad (specify vegan, as the greek style salad on the menu includes cheese) for one of the 4 dishes.

One of a growing number of Ethiopian restaurants in Portland, Dalo’s is freaking cheap and freaking good. The end.

Vegetable Plate

Rating: 4 out of 5
Address: 4134 N Vancouver Ave # 207 Portland, OR 97217
The actual street entrance and outdoor seating is on N Williams between N Skidmore and N Mason.
Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. Saturday, 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.


9 responses to “Dalo’s Kitchen

  1. I LOVE Dalo Kitchen. I could eat there every day!

    We usually add a salad to our veggie combo, I think it’s an extra $2. or so.) It isn’t a greek salad but a simple lettuce/tomato/onion salad with lots of vinegary dressing (no cheese or greek olives either).

    If anyone is gluten sensitive they should ask about the enjera. One of my friends makes her enjera with mostly teff but also barley (which has gluten.) I don’t know if Dalo add any other grains or not.

  2. Ok so I went to Dalo’s last night and couldn’t bring myself to go in. It looks so scary from the outside. I went to Jarra’s instead but only the basement bar was open.

  3. Hey Megan,

    I assure you, I find nothing about this place scary, but to each her own. It’s in such a positive, small-business orientated building, too…

  4. *Falls to knees to express her thanks* Omg. Due to your review I ordered food from them tonight. I nearly fell over when I heard my grand total of $4.75 for two dishes with injera. I’m all about Dalo’s Kitchen and intend to support them on a weekly basis. It’s not just that they are inexpensive…this is the bomb diddly-o. Thank you for recommending them. Your site is really helpful. Thanks for reviewing! Love, TGW

  5. AMAZING FOOD! you will not be disappointed if you try this place. my favorite was the mild lentil dish (so creamy, like creamed corn but yummy lentils instead) though in truth all four dishes on the veggie platter rock.

    Its only a few blocks from my house and crazy cheap. they also deliver within a 3 mile radius (i think before 6 pm)

  6. Just called in an order for the veggie plater hoping it was only $8.99 or at least around that (I know the review is older) but they said the small is $6.99 and the large is $13.99 and if we were splitting it between 2 people we’d need the large. I’m hoping it’s a hefty serving… it sounds good!

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