Date: July 27, 2007
Times visited: 1

What are vegans doing at a conveyor belt sushi restaurant? Why, the novelty! And the sushi, of course.

Unless you’re luckier than we were, you’ll find that the vast majority of sushi on a conveyor belt is not vegan. We went because we certainly enjoy sushi, and the conveyor belt seemed amusing to watch, but once you realize your group of 4 veg*ns is going to be eyeing the same plates of inari and veggie rolls every 5+ minutes, you’re glad there’s a waitperson as well.

At Sushiville on NW 23rd, the majority of seating is around the open sushi bar, which isn’t great for a party of four. We had a 15 minute or so wait for one of the few booths alongside the conveyor belt and a bit of a longer wait for actual wait staff. During that time, we started grabbing from the belt, since its what we were there for. We were pleasantly surprised by the actual vegan options that we picked up from the conveyor: fruit salad, inari, asparagus rolls, veggie rolls, wakame rolls, edamame; but we also ordered beverages and additional items from the cute, flip menu from our wait staff.

I ordered avocado rolls, which were good but the contents were almost too soft. The edamame was sufficiently salty and the inari was addictively cheap. The wait staff was mainly out of sight, but who were they to know we wouldn’t get our absolute fill from the belt?

The dining experience was lengthier than a typical sushi dinner, due to waiting for the vegan options to roll around and to order off the menu. The bill was easy to split since the conveyor belt sushi came on color plates indicating the price. The conveyor belt itself lost my interest halfway through the meal, so I’ll consider Sushi Takashahi, where food comes on a train for next time. Overall , with paying a mere $12 for 2 satisfied diners and a couple free stamps on a loyalty card, let the complaining stop. I don’t know when I’ll find myself there again, but the card is in my wallet, waiting for it.


Avocado Roll:
Sushi Land - Avocado

Fried Asparagus Sushi:
Sushi Land - Fried Aspargus

Sushi Land - Tofu Skin

Veggie Roll:

Sushi Land - Veggie Roll

Wakame Roll:
Sushi Land - Seaweed Roll

Sushi Land - Edamame

Rating: 2.5 out of 5
Address: 1514 NW 23rd Ave Portland, OR 97210
Hours: Mon-Thu 11am-9pm, Fri-Sat 11am-10pm, Sun 12pm-9pm


7 responses to “Sushiville

  1. Have you tried Hiroshi? I have been meaning to go there for sushi but their hours are kind of strange. Also, Sushi Takahashi looks totally sketchy from the outside but loaded with hip people on the inside.

  2. i was *just* at Sushiville for the first time sunday night. it was about a half hour before they closed (i don’t like going into a place this soon before closing..), but there were still quite few rolls going round and round and the wait staff was friendly and just reminded if we needed to order any it was “last call”. we didn’t see much we could eat on the roll thingie but by the time we got out special orders we had about 2 empty plates each sitting in front of us. it was ok sushi but i prefer Sushiland across from Blossoming Lotus or Mio Sushi (for non-conveyor belt action).

  3. f.y.i. — be careful with your inari. when i’ve made it at home in the past, my recipe has called for bonito broth (fish). some do, some don’t.

  4. I work walking distance from this place, so it’s a favorite with my co-worker. One of the regular employees is a strict vegetarian, so I was asking him about the menu. Turns out my favorite asparagus rolls aren’t vegan – the tempura is brushed with egg whites. Sounded like most of the vegan options were noodle dishes.

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