Date: August 18, 2007
Times visited: Too numerous

Beaterville is a brightly painted, eclectic breakfast and lunch spot on N. Killingsworth. The walls are covered with hub caps, old photographs and other random vintage fixtures, and the tables are packed closely together. Outside there is even a “flower bed” – with flowers growing within an old bed frame. It’s a fun place to go for breakfast on weekday mornings, as during the weekends there tends to be a wait as Beaterville’s popularity rises.

There are only a few options for vegans, but they are good ones. The menu is packed full of average omnivore breakfast items and even a few non-average, like the “French Poodles” which always call to me – French toast Croissants. But it’s not vegan so I always go to my trusty Vegan Poor Girl. The veggie sausage is sometimes vegan, sometimes not, so just ask. The tofu scramble isn’t so much a scramble that you’re use to, more like No Fish Go Fish’s old tofu scramble. It is firm tofu mixed with veggies and some seasoning. With all their scrambles you can replace the eggs with tofu at no extra cost.

The Poor Boy/Girl is normally eggs, home fries and toast; just sub the eggs with tofu and it’s a full meal. The name suits the meal nicely since it’s only $5.00. As the price sometimes goes up and down, it’s usually cheaper to order each item individually from the a-la-carte/Accessories side of the menu.

Two reasons to stand the wait on a busy morning: Strawberry jam and tofu. The jam is a simple strawberry freezer jam recipe, but I could eat it all day long. The tofu is pressed and cooked on the grill with a bit of Braggs until it has this wonderfully chewy texture. The home fries are nothing you haven’t seen before, but definitetly taste good. Make sure to ask for your toast dry and then slather it with jam. Don’t be afraid to slather the jam on your tofu – I swear it tastes good!

Visiting Beaterville is always best on an autumn weekday morning where you can sit outside, drink endless cups of coffee, enjoy the jam, and watch the world go by.

Tofu Scamble with side of toast and home fries:
Beaterville - Scramble

Poor Boy/ Sides:
Beaterville - Sides

Poor Girl:
Beaterville - Poor Boy

Tofu and Toast:
Beatterville - Tofu and Toast

Rating: 4.25 out of 5
Address: 2201 N Killingsworth St. Portland, OR 97217
Hours: Mon-Fri 6am-3pm, Sat 8am-2pm, Sun 9am-2pm


10 responses to “Beaterville

  1. I was avoiding beaterville due it it’s name and outward appearance but will plan my next brunch there. Have you been to Junior’s?? if not you must go.

  2. Ahh…sorry I missed that post. I agree with you about the wait at Junior’s. The servers were pretty aloof as well, perhaps because they were so busy.

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  4. Went there today with a an omnivore (who loved his food). I foolishly ordered ordered the veganized rambler over the Poor boy and for my extra $2.75 got about 5 tiny pieces of broccoli, 4 slices of mushroom and a dollop of unpleasant salsa. The tofu had a nice texture but was room temperature and flavorless. The bread and home fries were nondescript. The jam was okay. This was a bland, boring breakfast, even when doused with salt, pepper and hot sauce. On the plus side they use so called “humane” eggs and the server wrote VEGAN in big letters on the ticket. My stomach felt weird even before I left making me think I got some contamination off the grill, always a risk at omni places!

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