Bush Gardens

Date: August 17, 2007
Times visited: 2

Recently Stumptown Vegans had one of those waitpersons that make your day, and what we do, even easier. Our waitress at Bush Gardens, after hearing us inquire about the soup broths, asked if we were vegan. She had recently dined with a vegan friend at the restaurant, and and knew exactly what was and what could be vegan. Don’t go for the broths or tempura, but feel free to indulge in vegetable combinations not found on the menu. The sushi chef himself was also knowledgeable and ready to adapt sushi rolls for us.

I chose the vegetable roll, and though the menu said burdock root (which I had stuck in my mind since my trip to Nushell) I do think it was carrot instead. The roll includes the burdock root, cucumber, avocado and cute radish sprouts. The presentation made me smile, as the price of sushi tends to anyway. The avocado was mushier that I’d prefer, but it was still a tasty roll plus a bit of lite soy sauce and tamari. I just try to get the thought of everyone gmo-soy out of my head.

The Umeshiso sushi was simple in ingredients but intense with flavor. The shiso, sometimes interfered to as the Japanese basil, was as strong as the sour plum which was nice neither over powered. These were cute, tightly wrapped sushi that held up nicely with soy sauce and ginger.

Not yet with enough soy, we both ordered inari as well. I like to treat myself to its simple deliciousness and enjoyed my first piece, though both of our second pieces tasted a bit alcoholic, strangely. All in all, it was an adequately priced sushi lunch, and I could see myself returning to the quiet restaurant. Their weekday happy hour from 5pm-7pm  includes cheap sushi and could tempt us back one day soon.

Umeshiso Sushi:
Bush Gardens - Umeshiso

Veggie Roll and Inari:
Bush Gardens - Sushi

Rating: 2.75 out of 5
Address: 900 SW Morrison St. Portland, OR 97205
Bar&Dining Lunch
M-F 11:30-2:00
M-Thu 5:00–10:00
F-Sat 5:00–10:30


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