Tastebud Pita Stand at the Farmers Markets

Date: August 15, 2007
Times Visited: Too many to count

Portland Farmers Markets are an almost magical experience of organic vegetables, tempting food vendors and pushing through the happy crowds to get to that loaf of Dave’s Killer Bread and pint of cherry tomatoes.  Besides sampling galore, the vegan eats at the main markets include the obvious produce samples, Salvador Molly’s vegan tamales, falafel from Hoda’s and Basha’s, vegan baked goods from Blacksheep Bakery and Sweetpea Bakery, and salads and freshly baked whole wheat pita pockets  from Tastebud Farms – which can be enjoyed at the Wednesday downtown market, Saturday PSU market and the Hillsdale market on Sundays.

Tastebud Farms comes to the markets with their gorgeous mobile wood-fired brick oven in tow. Their vegan options consist of seeded flat bread, salad and the vegetable pita. I had the vegetable pita again this week, and look forward to my next opportunity. The pita itself is rustic and chewy, there’s whole chickpea hummus, wheat berry salad with fresh vegetables (currently juicy tomatoes) and a dairy free pesto, field greens, tahini and optional chili sauce. I like to include a couple squirts of the chili sauce in mine, and eat it partially in the pita and then picking with a fork. Earlier in the season, instead of tomatoes their wheat berry salad contained perfectly roasted asparagus. Look, this pita pocket will not blow you away, but it just may captivate your taste buds out of your $6 with its wholesome, organic, fresh tasting goodness. Can you get any more wholesome and vegetarian than fresh baked pita filled with local produce, homemade sauces and chickpeas?

So, give it a try when you find yourself at the market with Tastebud. Even if I have to wait 2-15+ minutes for one, it’s worth it. There are usually a roasted vegetable addition, such as shiitakes, available but I have not tried it yet, I like it how it is. Tastebud Farms also rents out their portable brick oven, if you’re interested – and please invite me over if so.

Veggie Pita
<3 farmer's market lunch

The stand
Picture 006

Rating: 4.5 out of 5
PSU Farmer’s Market
Saturday’s 8:30AM – 2PM
Located at South Park blocks at Portland State University. Runs May through Thanksgiving

Park and Salmon Farmer’s Market
Wednesday’s 9AM – 2PM
Located at SW Park and Main (Just East of the Portland Art Museum). Runs May through the last week of October

Hillsdale Farmer’s Market
Sunday’s 10AM – 2PM
The Hillsdale Farmers’ Market is located in the Wilson High-Rieke Elementary Parking Lot. The main entrance to the parking lot is located at the intersection of SW Sunset Blvd. and SW Capitol Hwy. just behind the Hillsdale Shopping Center. May through the last week of October


11 responses to “Tastebud Pita Stand at the Farmers Markets

  1. i have never known the name of that stand. i didn’t even know they had something like a pita sandwich there. the farmers market does seem to seriously lack vegan options at all the eateries. i wish the biscuit people had a vegan biscuit and something…

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  4. Hi Sarah! I’m actually about to go and get that for lunch, I’ll see if maybe it changed?

    Speaking of Tastebud, I have gotten confirmation that a couple salads are vegan (the summer and falafel) at their new Tastebud Dining Room in SE, and some pizzas can be made without cheese.


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