Shelly’s Honkin Huge Garden Burritos

Date: August 14, 2007
Times Visited: 5

Portland is blessed with many burrito shops and carts so sometimes it can be hard to say one is better than the other. And some people have a hard time getting excited about them because they are all over.

The burritos at Shelly’s Honkin’ Huge Garden Burritos include refried pinto beans, Mexican rice, lettuce, fresh salsa, stewed tomatoes and your choice of many hot sauces in a freshly toasted flour tortilla. The best things about Shelley’s burritos are how quickly they are made, that dairy-free burritos receive 50 cents off, there are plenty of hot sauces to choose from and that they are huge – even the small!

You can pick out a banana flavor hot sauce, chili lime sauce, or even barbecue sauce, just to name a few. There are three sizes to choose from: small, medium and large. If you’re looking for a cheap lunch, $4.75 with a lot of food- this is a hit. Add chips for 25 cents or a lemonade for $2.00.

Small Vegan Burrito:

Shelley Burritos 1

Inside the Garden Burrito minus the avocado:
Shelley Burritos 2

Rating:4 out of 5
Address: Pioneer Courthouse Square at SW 6th and Yamhill
Hours: Monday – Friday 11am- 5:50pm and Saturday 11am-3pm


10 responses to “Shelly’s Honkin Huge Garden Burritos

  1. I absolutely love Shelly’s. If I worked downtown I would have a really hard time not eating there at least 3 times a week. Best…Burrito…Ever. And FWIW, I’ve never noticed a huge difference between the sizes of the burritos. I’ve had them all and I can’t say the large fills me up any more than the small does (but they definitely all fill me up).

  2. I’m pretty sure the guacamole is vegan as well and comes on the burrito. Shelly will sub her terrific homemade salsa if you don’t get the guacamole. This is a weekly spot for me and even the small burrito is enough lunch for two days.

  3. I used to get a Honkin’ Huge burrito weekly and haven’t been there in several years! I work downtown so now I have another place to suggest where both myself and my meat-eating friends can chow in perfect harmony.

  4. I moved to Georgia two years ago and I’m really missing my Honkin Huge’s! I’ll try to wing it myself but it’s never the same.

  5. Love Honkin Huge! Shelly is opening a new location at PSU in a few weeks so keep an eye out for that!

  6. The PSU location is actually closed already. Shelly had it up for a few months but because of the economy, it wasn’t profitable to keep it going. Kids don’t have that much extra cash to spend! So you’ll just have to go to the Square for your burrito. At least it’s not too far!

  7. Yum Yum. Very good burrito! Been enjoying the Honkin Huge Burrito for over eight years. I love Shelly. She is a very compassionate person and it really amazes me how she can remember my name and my order every time.

  8. This is a song written for Shelly summer of 2011. Loosely based on Arlo Guthies “Alices’ Restaurant”.

    Walk right up and say hello to Shelly,
    Honkin’ Huge Burrito gonna fill your belly.
    Be sure to try the salsa of love,
    sent right down from heaven above.
    I said walk right up, it’s around the back,right on down between the MAX tracks,
    Best Burrito that you’ve ever had,
    why not bring your mom and dad.

    Good burrito,yum-yum-yum. (chorus)
    Big burrito for your tum-tum-tum.
    The price can’t be beat and there is no meat,
    so set yourself down for something good to eat.

    Well,you won’t find no beef ’round here,
    she aint got nothin’ with a face.
    So if you want something that had a mom and dad
    you better go and find yourself another place.
    She’s only got the freshest veggies for you,
    tastes so good,and good for you,too.
    But if you want something to eat with meat
    Burgur King is right down the street.

    (repeat chorus)

    She’s been doin’ this now since ’93,
    supporting herself and her family.
    Best burrito north,east,west and south.
    You’re tongue is gonna throw a party for your mouth.
    So here I am at the end of my song,
    maybe next time you can sing along.
    So have a good lunch,
    and have a good day,
    and remember that love is the only way.

    Good burrito,yum-yum-yum.
    Big burrito for your tum-tum-tum.
    The price can’t be beat and there is no meat,
    so set on down for something good to eat.
    I said walk right up it’s around the back,
    right on down between the MAX tracks.
    Best burrito that you’ve ever had,
    why not bring your mom and dad?
    You oughtta bring your mom and dad.
    Next time,bring your mom and dad.

    I love you,Shelly!

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