McMenamin’s Black Rabbit

Date: June 29, 2007
Times Visited: 2

The Black Rabbit Restaurant and Bar is one of the nicest restaurants on McMenamin’s Edgefield property in Troutdale. My family members are big fans of Edgefield so I usually make it out there about once or twice a year. The nice thing about being invited to dine at the Black Rabbit is that I am usually not paying so the price isn’t so painful being vegan.

The vegan options at The Black Rabbit are few and far between but the staff is wonderful and accommodating to food allergies and diets. Since the chefs are real chefs, they generally welcome a challenge, it’s just best to call before hand. Unfortunately, I didn’t know we would be dining at the Black Rabbit over the Power Station or other restaurants at Edgefield. Our options at the Black Rabbit were salad rolls (minus the peanut dipping sauce because of the fish sauce) and wilted spinach salad minus the bacon and cheese.

The salad rolls were good, nothing spectacular, but good. They really did need a peanut sauce for dipping. I was very happy our waitress was on top of the game and knew about the fish sauce and was willing to check a other dishes like the risotto which contained butter. The wilted spinach salad was wonderful with McMenamin’s own marinated onions and thinly sliced pears tossed with just enough balsamic vinegar to bring it all together. It was wonderful salad. I could have eaten 3 of them for a meal, but at $12 each, I couldn’t do that to my dining hosts.

For dessert we had Strawberry Balsamic sorbet. Wow – best sorbet I’ve ever had. The tiny bit of balsamic added to the sorbet added an extra depth to the flavor and seemed to help the strawberry flavor linger in my mouth longer. I would go back for more.

McMenamin’s is a great local chain, with a fun environment and great beers. I do not suggest going to their restaurants and pubs if you’re just going for food. Head to McMenamin’s for their beers, events, historical preservation, beautiful properties and for free dinner when your family is in town. If you do go, head to the less pricey restaurants and order a vegan pizza (make sure to ask about the ingredients in their crust, they’ve always told me it was vegan, but have told some otherwise), fries, veggie burger (which is vegan at some venues and vegetarians at others), yam fries and of course, strawberry sorbet (which is probably just seasonal).

I gave The Black Rabbit a lower rating than I think their food is worth because their common menus do not accommodate vegans. Pressure should be put on McMenamin’s to become more vegan-friendly.

Wilted Spinach Salad:
Black Rabbit - Wilted Spinach

Strawberry Balsamic Sorbet:
Black Rabbit - Sorbet

Rating: 2.5 out of 5
Address: 2126 S.W. Halsey St. Troutdale, OR 97060 (503) 492-3086
Hours: Daily 11am-11pm


13 responses to “McMenamin’s Black Rabbit

  1. their veggie burgers are not vegan and neither are the pizzas (the boca burgers contain cheese and the pizza has honey in the crust).

  2. Hey i LOVE yer guys’ blog here and read it very regularly, and i’m especially interested in options at Edgefield because we’ve got tickets to see Wilco there next month (first time going there), but wow, what happened in this last paragraph?
    Which “less pricey restaurants” are you talking about? Can you actually get vegan pizza at (any) McMenamins? And that last sentence needs some serious proofing, because right now it makes no sense whatsoever 🙂

  3. Thanks for the heads up on the crust and the bocas, what a shame. I am not the reviewer of this piece, but I’m sure she will address these notes when she returns.

    I do know that the McMenamin’s and Backstage bar on Hawthorne both offer vegan chips and black bean salsa, for what it’s worth.

  4. we just stayed at mcmenamin’s edgefield for a few days and there were so few vegan options at black rabbit that we had to stand up and walk out and eat at the power station 100 yds away, which offers more traditional mcmenamins fare and is much more willing to cater to vegans. when we told black rabbit we were leaving because i couldn’t eat, they didn’t even offer to fix us something specially, they just admitted that they couldn’t feed me and i’d have much better luck at one of the pubs on the grounds.

  5. J – We were told they carry the Original Vegan Boca burger, but that could be something that changes from each restaurant or over time.
    Same with the pizza, we were told it was a vegan crust and sauce. It’s really unfortunate they are giving mixed information. I just edited the post to reflect it.

    Ryan – Thanks. I’ve edited the entry a bit, hopefully it makes more sense now. The Power Station and Loading Dock on Edgefield grounds are both a bit cheaper, compared to The Black Rabbit. You can get burgers and pizzas at them, but apparently they are telling mixed stories about their ingredients. If you’re comfortable asking to look at ingredients, I encourage your own investigation, and report back on your findings.

    Joanna – That’s unfortunate about Black Rabbit because they were so nice to us. What did you end up eating else where?

  6. we ate at the power station, and they veganized their high pasta for me, which i believe just involved tweaking the sauce and leaving out the cheese. it was delicious.

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  8. I had a terrible time at the Black Rabbit. Our server told me that he had been vegan once for a year, and he knew for a fact that rice paper sheets are not vegan. He insisted that nothing on the menu was vegan or could be made vegan, so I just had a glass of wine.

    BTW, he was full of crap about the rice paper, but nothing I said would sway him.

  9. I have been told by McMenamin’s staff at the counter two times that the theater popcorn contains no milk products but I don’t believe them because I have had allergic reactions both times. Anyone know the ingredients for the popcorn? I am assuming the “butter flavor” that is made with coconut oil must contain some milk ingredients. How do I find out if the theater staff won’t tell me?

    • Catriona – We’ve also been told that they use a common “butter flavor” that contains coconut oil. However, you never know until you see the ingredients yourself. We recommend visiting the popcorn counter when the line is short and asking to see the ingredients of the popcorn flavor and explain it’s because of your allergies. You can also try calling them.
      As a fellow vegan with allergies, Webly can tell you that your allergic reaction may not be from the ingredient you thought it was! Take care!

  10. We are visiting the Black Rabbit this Saturday for dinner with some friends and it sounds like they have gotten a lot more vegan friendly. Their yellow curry is vegan and they have a portobello burger that they could make vegan, as well as a few other salads, a risotto and a sandwich. I was nervous when I called, but they must get this question a lot because the woman I talked to was able to rattle off all the ingredients in the curry and the other menu items that they could make vegan. I know some of their other locations serve a vegan hemp patty and it’s pretty good and I think the Powerstation Pub serves it, but I’m hoping to be pleased enough with the food that I won’t have to resort to a burger and fries.

    • Thanks for mentioning this! I have noticed an addition of clearly-marked vegan options at the Baghdad Pub – finally! I will urge folks to stay clear of their new popcorn toppings – the Italian/garlic blend is over the top gross.

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