Ugarit Mediterranean Meals

Date: June 22, 2007
Times Visited: 1

Portland has some great Mediterranean restaurants, but few carts do it right. Alexander’s Great Falafel in Eugene spoiled my expectations for falafel from small carts. I can say Ugarit’s Falafel did not live up to Alexander’s Falafel.

I specified “no dairy” because sometimes yogurt finds its way into the tahini and Mohammad was nice enough to replace it with baba ganoush. Watching people make food is always interesting to me, not because I want to direct, but I just like to look at and learn from others’ techniques. Mohammad had me until I heard the microwave beep and out came my reheated falafel balls.

The Super Falafel was dry despite the hummus and baba ganoush; I was disappointed. What surprised me was the freshness of the lettuce and tomatoes.

With that said, it was just one visit and I will give it another shot. Other vegan items include: Dolmeh, Super Hummus Sandwich, Hummus Plate, Vegetable Rice, Mezza Plate along with baba ganoush and hummus. If Ugarit doesn’t work out for me there’s always Hush Hush to fill my quick lunch-time falafel needs.

As for the lack of photo, I am sorry. I took a couple and then they happened to fall out of my camera when I was ready to post this. I’ve been meaning to go back there all week to buy another for this post, but the thought of the dry falafel has been hard to bare. Soon! 

Rating: 3 out of 5
Address: SW 10th and Alder
Hours: Monday – Saturday 11-6:30pm


4 responses to “Ugarit Mediterranean Meals

  1. I went to Hush Hush the day before yesterday because of your review, but even having read about the speed, I couldn’t believe how quickly they made my wrap. And it was delicious. Those pickles…

  2. hey, I was there the day before yesterday as well!
    I agree about the pickles. They are the perfect freaking touch.
    Additionally, we should upate our review with the note about the new menu items -(albeit I think fried) vegetable wrap and platter.

  3. I went to Ugarit Meals and despite your comments about “dry falafel” I found it rather pleasing. As a person who’s actually grew up with falafel, the falafel sandwich burst with natural flavor, along with its salads. I find it perfect 🙂

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