Junior’s Cafe

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Junior’s is the type of restaurant that you’ll take friends from out of town to, but only because they’ll leave town and then it’s all yours again. The space is small, and if you’re not there before 10am, odds are you’re waiting outside awhile. But as Junior’s regulars know, the wait is worth it for the food. Home of my favorite tofu scramble and the raddest gold walls in town, Junior’s is a Southeast Portland breakfast gem.

The french toast, ordered by my partner, had a splendidly subtle amount of spice to it (cinnamon and nutmeg?), though was the thinnest version we’ve ever seen. We can’t really complain though, because it’s Grand Central bread. My superhero tofu scramble is the type of dish made for hangovers, if only they served mimosas! Regardless, the tofu in it is great, with large, mildly yellow pieces that seem to be seasoned right in the pan while it cooks. The superhero comes with greens, tomatoes, onions and vegan veggie sausage. A bite of two or more of these fixings at one time just screams comfort food. And then, you have a side of roasted potatoes and toast with soy butter, all for $7.50. Both my partner’s and my potatoes were slightly undercooked, though decent, and once again lightly spiced just enough. Junior’s serves Stumptown coffee, and I had a sweettart of a drink, the papaya lemonade ($1.75).

Overall, we both adore Junior’s, but with a 20 minute wait to be seated, and 30 more minutes till our food came (our visit was at noon), it’s best to go early or with something to read. As a Southeast Portland resident, I’m sure I’ll find myself there within a few weeks, and particular if you don’t have to wait, it’s even worth a trip across town. It’s one of those places where you need to have a first meal at, because you won’t forget it.

French Toast Plate with tofu and vegan sausage
april 1st 050

French toast
may 07 121

Superhero tofu scramble plate

Vegan potato plate with tofu sauce and tofu scramble:
Juniors - Scramble
Rating: 4.25 out 5
Address: 1742 SE 12th Ave Portland, OR 97214
Open Daily, 8am – 3pm


22 responses to “Junior’s Cafe

  1. you didn’t mention how they don’t charge you $1 extra to replace eggs with tofu. that is actually the main reason i liked junior’s. second reason: it’s such a darn cute place.

  2. But since I’m here… you guys need to add an alphabetical archive, so you can find the reviews easier. 😉

  3. no. there’s too many people at junior’s already!

    just kidding. (a little)

    i love this place. easily my favorite breakfast/brunch place in portland, maybe ever.

  4. Juniors doesn’t charge extra for tofu substitution, but they do charge if you add tofu (or eggs) as a side dish.

    I like to get the potato plate with the addition of tofu & toast– I think that’s $1.50 extra. The fennel leek hash is my favorite thing on the menu.

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  7. Reading this makes me want to go to Junior’s very soon. I recently thought about it but instead opted for Bijou Cafe downtown. The waitress there was very helpful in pointing out that neither the potatoes nor toast was vegan, so I ordered a side of tofu scramble and a fruit plate. It was good (and healthy) but I missed the anticipated taters and toast … and won’t be going back to Bijou any time soon.

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  11. Had a horrible experience at Junior’s. After a great deal of drama trying to split the bill between two credit cards, being told rudely that there was a 50 cent charge per card, the e cards were then charged wrong – with little apology.

    When we were done getting payment settled and waked out of the restaurant, the waitress charged after us screaming that we hadn’t tipped enough!

    It was my fault, I hadn’t meant to snub her, but with all the receipts flying around I had done my math wrong and only tipped $2 when I should have tipped $6.

    But is that a big enough error to come out of the restaurant screaming at me in front of everyone I had been eating with and everyone who was waiting for a seat?

    I was so shocked I upped the tip and didn’t say anything else – but I was very embarrassed and the more I think about it, the more appalled I am by her behavior.

    The service was hardly good enough to raise that kind of fit over $4 and if she did want to check with me and see if we had been unhappy with the service she should have quietly pulled me aside, not made a huge scene.

    I won’t be going back to this restaurant.

    • Good For That Waitress!
      Sounds like you put down $2 on a $30 bill (if the $6 tip would’ve been a 20% tip) . Any waitstaff would be pissed! AND there are signs up about the credit card fee. AND I split the bill all the time and assume that it’s a pain in the ass for the waitstaff (especially with a group of people), so I tip accordingly.

      I think her getting paid a fair wage for waiting on your table is worth more than your embarrassment in front of your friends for only tipping her $2.

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  15. Juniors has changed, considerably, for the better. We also serve alcohol. Please come visit and let us show you how good breakfast can be for stumptown vegans.

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