No Fish Go Fish! Cart

March 9, 2007
Times Visited: Too numerous to count.

One of my top three food carts downtown – No Fish Go Fish. At first I was hesitant about this place – being vegan and reading the title, I didn’t get it. Is it all vegetarian? Where do they prepare the sandwiches in that little cart? I still have no idea what the title means, but I love their soups and “sandwiches.”

Let me start with the soups. They create 3 soups for the day and always have at least one vegan soup available. Being a person with many food allergies I find it very refreshing that not only can I check to see what the soups are that day or week on their website, but they also provide a list of ingredients! And if for some reason I forgot to check before I head out the door, John always knows what’s in his soups and what’s vegan.

On to the sandwiches. Think: Palm sized corn bread with delecious fillings in the shape of a cute fish! You’ll need two of these with a cup of soup to get filled up properly. That works out well because that’s the lunch special – $5 for 16 oz. of hearty soup and two fish shaped sandwiches of your choice. To make the sandwiches John pours corn batter onto little fish forms on a large Korean cast iron cook, puts some fillings on top, them more batter, closes each container and cooks them over flame until golden brown. The fillings range from your choice from Curry Vegetable, Bean and Salsa, Black Olive with Basil & Garlic. The non vegan ones are: Spinach & Feta, Tomato & Mozzarella, Cheddar, Ham & Cheese, just to name a few. There store on Hawthorne has many more options, including dessert options with an apple cinnamon vegan option! The store menu is larger than the cart menu and will receive a proper review at a different time.

The food is priced right for lunch and after 10 lunch specials, the 11th is free. My favorite soup is the Dal and my favorite fish are the curry vegetable.

Lunch Special – Potato Spinach Coconut Soup with two Vegetable Curry Sandwiches
No Fish Go Fish - Lunch Special

Rating: 4 out of 5
Address: The cart on 5th and Yamhill or check out their restaurant 3962 SE Hawthorne
Hours: 11:30-2pm


9 responses to “No Fish Go Fish! Cart

  1. Cool…thanks for this…I too had been totally confused by the name (and was too lazy to look at the menu), so I just avoided it altogether. After reading your review I went and checked out the Hawthorne location and was quite pleased with it 🙂

  2. We are so happy you enjoyed it!
    I should also note the Hawthorne location has dessert fish! I think I was told the apple pie one was vegan.
    They also use to have a wonderful weekend brunch with a “tofu scramble” that was more like a breakfast stirfry. I wish they would bring it back.

  3. as i type this, i’m having the lentil dal soup and curried vegetable no fish sandwidges…and yes, it really is that good.

    i couldn’t decide where to eat so i browsed through the index and wow. thanks for the tip!

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  5. The soups are delicious, and the fish are super cute and delicious! What more can you ask for? Well, a friendly, entertaining operator – and John sure fits the bill.

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