Tour de Crepes

Date: May 13, 2007
Times Visited: 1

You know when you’re served a plate and all you see is the cost of the actual food on it? Granted, this breakfast starred Tour de Crepe‘s vegan crepes, and yes, there are certainly other costs besides the food to consider, but that feeling was present.

First came my savoury crepe. The fact that it was buckwheat certainly appealled to me as a fan of alternative grains.  Additionally, I felt like a special Portland vegan to have over 6 vegan crepe options.  Altogether, there were 2 or 3 vegan savoury options, and I chose the roasted garlic spread/sundried tomato pesto and fresh spinach crepe.

To my delight, my first few bites of crepe also contained a bit of mashed potato. It was a delectable experience, crepes, tea, good company and a charming setting with the crepe cart out back- till I hit bite 5 or so, and realized I may never taste potato again. The problem with this crepe was the flow – there was a small pocket of the potatoes, a corner of spinach, a bit of the amazing roasted garlic sauce, and then straight up sundried tomato pesto, though tasty, for the final 3/4 of the crepe.  I’ve been forced into a sundried tomato hiatus!  I would go to this adorable creperie again, but only if my crepe-loving sister just happened to be in town, and we just happened to be on Alberta St.  JD

I chose a sweet crepe with strawberries, just like mom use to make…or not. My crepe came out late because the cook was having issues with the vegan batter – understandable, different batters can be difficult to work with. But don’t put my eating companion’s food on the table when I am hungry, drooling is not attractive, but the food was.

When my sweet strawberries and creme crepe came I was excited to have the option of a vegan crepe and to taste the creme, but disappointed in the size. The taste was fine, but the price tag didn’t match. Inside the crepe consisted of about 2 strawberries cut up and about 1/4 cup of silk soy yogurt. I could have made a pile of crepes at home for less money.

As we walked down the street to get a muffin to fill my stomach after an empty breakfast I became more and more mad about spending $20 on two very weak teas, and two thin, but still tasty, crepes. To make up for it I treated myself to a $2 Black Sheep Bakery Blueberry Cornmeal muffin to fill me up and later I bought a pint of strawberries and some soy yogurt for dinner costing about $3.

While I hate to dis on a independent, local business that offers vegan food, vegan crepes none the less, I just wasn’t happy as a consumer and that’s what it comes down to. I appreciate the effort, it is just different for a vegan to order something for the same price as an omni meal which is full of expensive meats and cheeses. If I got 1 big crepe spilling with strawberries, or 3 smallish crepes, for the same $7 price, I’d call that a meal and be happy. WB

In conclusion we decided recommend having your rich, omni dining partners take you here and order 3 or 4 vegan crepes. Or come here when you’re not very hungry and want to share a vegan dessert crepe for a cute ending to a cute date. Until that happens, you won’t be seeing us here.

Sweet crepe with strawberries and creme.
Sweet Vegan Crepe

Savoury crepe with sundried tomato pesto, roasted garlic spread, potatoes and spinach.
Savoury Vegan Crepe

Ginger Mint tea.
Ginger Mint Tea

Rating: 2/2.5 out of 5.
Address: 2921 NE Alberta St. Portland, OR 97211
Wed-Sun 9am – 9pm


4 responses to “Tour de Crepes

  1. $7 for that puny little crepe? Yeah, I’d feel ripped off too. It sounds like they may have folded the savory crepe the wrong way so instead of getting a bit of everything in each bite you got layers. It’s those little details that make a real difference. I wish Le Happy would make vegan crepes.

  2. i’ve been there once before and got the same one as jess. it was good, but yeah, they’re pricey. a girl i know got a job there and that’s when i found out that the service is slow b/c usually there’s only one person working doing everything…making tea, busing, making crepes, getting orders.
    i could cross the street and get a yummy piece of pie at Bella Faccia for half that much….which is what i end up doing.

  3. oh MAN – I soooooooo have to disagree with some of the disappointing tone here. With crepes being mostly eggs & milk, discovering a tasty VEGAN crepe was like a glorious miracle for me. The fact that they even put it on the menu when all the other creperies refuse makes this place my favorite. I’ve been back several times and had a filling meal with good service EVERY time. Crepes are a decadent treat IMO – well worth the 6-7 bucks! A $4 slice of pizza is great and all, but vegan pizza is readily available and “not all that” after a while.

  4. I’ve been three times and have yet to eat a vegan crepe. They are always out of batter or have just enough for one, and then mess it up to badly to serve. On my birthday.

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