Hush Hush

May 16, 2007
Times visited:6

When Hoda’s isn’t downtown (Wednesdays at the Farmer’s Market) this is the place to fulfill my falafel needs. Fresh, quick and reasonably priced, just ignore the rotisserie meats behind the counter.

The cafe can be a bit cramped sometimes so when you have the chance, have a seat outside and enjoy your falafel sandwich or mezza platter. The falafel is perfectly warm and crunchy and has the slightest taste of cardamon and when mixed with the other fillings of cold lettuce, pickles and tahinni sauce it tickles all your senses in a pleasant way. The bread is always nice and warm and leaves the beautiful brush of white flour on your lips with every bite. This sandwich is also great when hummus is added. WB

If you like falafel, your tastebuds probably have a special favorite – and mine is unfortunately across the country: Jerusalem Falafel (food cart or restaurant) in Cambridge, MA. I’ve spent 2 years in Portland trying to find real satistaction, and sure, I dig some of the falafels around town, but nothing was hitting the spot. Then, Hush Hush opened; I walked in, walked out with a falafel in under 2 minutes, and have been a regular ever since. Honestly, I have never waited more than 6 minutes for this hot, crispy, pickly wrapped delight. And once I added hummus to the mix, I’ve been hooked. JD

Falafel sandwich with hummus
may 07 005

Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Address: 433 SW 4th Ave Portland, OR
Hours: Everyday 10am-6pm


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