Dreamer’s Cafe

Updated October 7, 2009

This cart has been closed for quite some time.  There is now a for sale sign on it.  Goodbye, one of Portland’s first veggie food carts!

Date: April 26, 2007
Times Visited: 4

Wanting something spicy and different for lunch, I stopped by Dreamer’s food cart last week. I’d read about their Buffalo Tofu sandwich and although I don’t recall ever having anything ‘buffalo’ growing up, I wanted to try it. I relish hot sauce and tofu, so why not? I’d had the Dreamer’s falafel when first moving to Portland and it didn’t draw me back, but I have heard a lot of good things over the past years. With my beloved Veggie Thai cart dissapearing once more it was time to give Dreamers another try.

The cart was welcoming; music was playing and being sung along too, the food was quick and there were free fries! There is a sign outside that says “free fries with food” and sure enough, I was asked if I wanted them. I took the kind man up on his offer, and within 10 minutes I had myself a buffalo tofu wrap (sandwich is also an option) and hot, crispy, thin fries. I ordered the sauce ‘medium spicy’ and it was definitely piquant, almost too much for me to eat. Fortunately, the lettuce and tomatoes were crispy and cooling against the big sea of sauce and thin slices of fried tofu. I liked the thin, square shape of the tofu chunks, but it didn’t seem very freshly fried. There was a creamy, overwhelming aspect to the sauce that I can’t say I appreciated. My stomach agreed.

The complimentary fries, on the other hand, were made to order and reminded me of the Burger King fries I enjoyed when much younger – warm, thin and just slightly crispy. Did I mention free?? Honestly, if it wasn’t for the fries, I would have been dissatisifed. Regardless, at $4.50, and with not even half of this meal making me full, this was certainly a deal. Not for me, but regardless, a place to check out. If anyone does have an item they like at this predominately vegan cart, please spread the word!

Buffalo Tofu Wrap with french fries
april 2007 133

Rating: 2.5 out of 5
Address: SW 5th Ave between SW Oak and SW Stark
Hours: M-F 11am-2:30pm, Saturday possibilites


3 responses to “Dreamer’s Cafe

  1. I’ve heard some terrible things about Dreamer’s. A roommate of mine ordered a fake chicken-like salad after verifying it was tempeh. After ordering it was really flavorless tvp. She was only able to swallow one bite before throwing it out, along with her free cold, soggy fries.

  2. I really enjoy the tahini sauce that’s in the buffalo tofu wrap. The falafel, with its very authentic seasoning, reminds me of the falafel from this tiny place in NYC called Mamouns. It’s nice to go to a vegan place where the person working behind the counter is not pretentious.

  3. I just went here for my first time and thought it was awesome. I got the special, which was a falafel BBQ tempeh melt sub. I was really hungry, and for $5, it filled me up nicely. The fries are no longer free, so I didn’t try them this time.

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