January 6, 2007
Times Visited: 2

Equinox is all about fantastic food with a price tag that follows. I’ve been here for dinner and for brunch and had great dishes that keep us talking about the food for hours after. The conversations don’t sound like we’re too full or that it was just good. But conversations about how we never knew that tiny bit of mint in the drunken monkey dish would add such a wonderful pop to the mandrian oranges in the dish.

The Sticks and Leaves was their fall tofu scramble. Cute name. Fried potatoes with tofu scramble on top and toast on the side. VERY good and wonderfully spiced, but small (read: perfect) portion of food. Not a place to go when you want mountains of food. This dish was about $8.50. Pretty spendy with few vegan options but worth it.

Their outdoor eating area is wonderful on a Portland summer evening.

Sticks and Leaves
Equinox Autumn Leaves

Rating: 5 out of 5
Address: 830 N. Shaver
Hours: Tue-Sun 5pm -?, Weekends 9am-2pm


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