Wholesome Blends

Wholesome Blends:
March 9, 2006
Times visited: Dozens

This coffee shop looks like an old gas station but it is a vegan’s coffee shop dream in the vegan-unfriendly neighborhood of Hollywood. It’s always wonderfully warm entering the shop off Sandy and so cozy once inside. They serve many vegan treats from Buddah Belly Bakery, all sorts of juices, and of course coffee. Since I am not a coffee consumer I cannot speak to their coffee but I can say they serve Dragonfly Chai, which is both local and vegan. They have Earth Balance which they generously spread on their warm bagels. Along with their collection of board games, news papers, and zines, they have dog treats for your furry friend. I don’t know if the dog treats are vegan, but any place that recognizes our fuzzy friends makes me a happy.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Location: 4615 NE Sandy
Hours: Daily from 6am-7pm


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