The J Spot

March 9, 2006
Times visited: Dozens

When I worked in the Hollywood District it was always difficult to find good, reasonably priced vegan food for lunch. I was so happy when J Spot opened because they actually had the word “vegan” on the menu! They don’t have many vegan options, but this place works in a pinch.

The cafe use be a cart in a courtyard right off Sandy, it was a little loud until they moved into their space in the adjacent half basement. The basement location has problems of it’s own because it’s a little awkward to find if you don’t know where you’re going and it’s a bit on the humid side – but that never stopped me from going.

The owners, Jason and Julie, are always helpful in their vegan knowledge and graciously willing to make a unique vegan dish for me with the ingredients they had available that day. The Vegan Delight Pita is simple, with Mixed greens, chickpeas, assorted vegetables, red onions, sprinkled with their own special herb dressing. The best thing about this meal is the pita. I never knew fresh baked pita could taste much different from day old pita, but it does and I am sure their new fresh baked bagels are just as great. The other vegan meal is pretty much an inside-out Vegan Delight. You get a wonderful salad with pita chips and some fresh salsa.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a lunch spot I would recommend anyone going out of their way to eat at, but if you’re in the neighborhood and hungry, stop by and enjoy a simple meal and wonderful pita.

Rating: 3 out of 5
Location: 4502 NE Sandy.
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 8am – 4pm.


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