PaUse Kitchen and Bar

Winter 2009 Update:

The Black Bean burger is now a regular menu item. They also have a housemade veggie burger, vegan salads and grilled broccolini, and often have vegan soups.


March 23, 2007
Times visited: 1

I’m always excited when new restaurants/bars open in my neighborhood. I’d walked past Pause a few times and never saw anything vegan when I glanced on their menu. Recently, when I met friends there, I was amazed to find a vegan black bean burger as their special.
We shared some fries. They were fresh and didn’t taste like they were from a bag. They were perfectly sprinkled with wonderful sea salt – however amazing sea salt can be – it was. I got the black bean burger and a side salad. The burger came with salsa, filled with cilantro, that I quickly pushed away from my burger. Lettuce, tomato, red onion and homemade pickles came on the side.

The black bean burger was tasty, not too spicy and seemed like it was created on site. I was impressed with the perfect shape of the burger and the way it held up. It wasn’t too dry, but moist and tasted like it was made with real ingredients, not flavorings or preservatives. The bun was soft, like white bread. It was a nice change from the whole grain buns as some of the more hippie places I frequent. The salad could have been just another side salad, but it was the salad that made see that these guys really care about the food they create. The dressing was a simple oil and vinegar dressing, but the flavor was amazing. I was told it was a mellow white wine vinegar. They even brought out the vinegar to show off. it really was great.

Over all this is a great new place on Interstate – they were bold enough to have a vegan special, know what vegan means and they paid close attention to their ingredient details – salt, pickles and dressing. I was impressed. The $7 price tag on a lunch burger was fine because of quality of the food. And it’s a no smoking bar.

Black Bean Burger Daily Special with side salad
Pause Black Bean Burger

Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Address: 5101 N. Interstate Ave (971) 230-0705
Hours: M-Sat 11:30am-1am, Sun. 12pm-12am


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  2. Hey there, this is my local pub and I wanted to mention that they also have a housemade veggie burger that is good and the black bean burger is on the menu now, they also have a fewinteresting salads and grilled broccolini! They have two housemade daily soups and one is vegetarian and often vegan and always delicious!

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