Milkyway Tea and Pastry

March 17, 2007
Times visited: 5
When I first visited this place I was intrigued and disgusted by the fake meat posters on the wall. This shop is no where near my side of town so it’s a special treat when we get to go or find ourselves lost in Milwaulkie.

Milkyway is 100% vegetarian and has many vegan options. I was once told these were the closest to New York bagels that Portland has ever known. The bagel flavor options are plentiful, not all are vegan so be sure to ask, they have always been helpful to us. The spreads range from just vegan cream cheese to vegan eel with sprouts, tomatoes and vegan cream cheese. My favorite is the chicken salad on a garlic bagel. Sometimes they have fake vegan drum sticks – seems like the menu changes slightly.

It’s always best to wash down your meal with a bubble tea. The bubble tea options are vast from chocolate to sesame seed or green bean, and you can always choose more than one flavor. I was told to stay away from the green bean and pleasantly surprised by the sesame seed but my favorite is the chocolate coconut.

Vegan Chicken Salad Bagel Sandwich
Milkyway Chicken Bagel Sandwich

Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Address: 9895 SE Sunnyside / Clackamas, OR / 503-652-7875
Hours: Weekdays from 8am-7:30pm, Weekends 11am-7:30


3 responses to “Milkyway Tea and Pastry

  1. I went to Milky Way and the girl who worked there said that the only vegan thing there was the vegan tuna and that the chicken salad had milk products in it!

  2. None of the mock meat there is vegan! All have whey protein.
    First time I went in, the owner not only stuck his hand in the veggies without washing, but told me everything was vegan. Next time I went back, the girl working told me otherwise and checked the packaging.

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