Masu Sushi

Masu Sushi:
August 8, 2006
Times visited: 1

The night started when we just wanted some sushi, but it was past Portland restaurants’ bedtime, 10pm. The internet helped us find Masu Sushi. Just walking by the place we knew it would be fancy. It was a really beautiful place with high end materials – an interior architects’ dream job: sleek, clean, with texture and contrast. I didn’t feel as beautiful as the other people there though, we were under dressed in our normal jeans and hoodies.

First, we were served cucumber water. I LOVE cucumber water.
Then, we were served edamame – Just like warm chips. I love free warm chips. But both of these were signs we were way over our head for some simple late nigh sushi.
Half way through the edamame I started to wonder where the tea I ordered was.
We ordered simple sushi and one plate of yakisoba.
The tea was nice and hot when it came and brewed to perfection.

The time between our ordering and sushi gave us plenty of time to talk about first dates. Masu Sushi is definitely a date place, a place to go to impress someone when on a date. Seeing as how we had been together for over 7 years, we weren’t there to impress each other. We were still waiting for our sushi after 30 minutes of first date talk.
When our sushi finally came it was some of the best and most expensive veggie sushi we’d ever had in Portland. Tightly rolled sushi with the perfect combination of ingredients.
But where was the yakisoba?
10 minutes go by and I start to show signs of sleepiness: rubbing my feet together, leaning to one side, mumbling.
Another 15 minutes go by and we start to count the people there to see why it should be taking so long. It wasn’t too crowded for such a wait.
Our waitress comes over to see if everything tasted good. Of course it did, but we asked when the food was coming. She said she forgot to put the order in…no apologies.
We got the check and left.
Never to return.

If you are dressed to the nines, want a place with a beautifully designed interior, need to impress someone with the amount of money you spend, check this place out. If you’re looking for a quick bite late at night, this isn’t the place.

Rating: 4 out of 5
Address: 310 SE 28th Ave.
Hours: M-F 11:30-3pm, Weekdays 5-10pm, Weekends 5-11pm


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