Jam on Hawthorne

March 10, 2007
Times Visited: 10+

Portland is a town of similar tofu scrambles – somewhat sauteed plain tofu with veggies of your choice, plopped on a plate requiring salt, pepper and hot sauce, or whatever you’re into.
Jam on Hawthorne fortunately takes it one step further – not only is their tofu more cooked than others, but they’ll add things like curry powder, garlic and cajun spices – and often will veganize the special scramble of the day.
Made with local produce that came from Uncle Paul’s across the street, my most recent scramble was a ‘make your own’ that I ordered with garlic, spinach, roasted red peppers and black beans. The ‘make your own plate’ (mine was $7.25) comes with Jam’s hash
browns and a side of toast, always dry, ready for their lovely homemade jam. My table had blueberry, though I longingly looked at other tables with strawberry-mango and pear chai. Jam also stocks multiple types of hot sauces, and sells the local favorite, Secret Aardvaark.
In a neighborhood of Hot Lips, Grand Central, Uncle Paul’s and more, Jam is certainly a local favorite of mine.

-Vegan-friendly and familiar wait-staff.
-I’ve been offered soy margarine.
-Local produce
-Great drink selection, featuring organic Columbia Gorge juices
-Tofu scramble, a wrap and maybe a sandwich are the only vegan options – but get creative!
-The jams!

*Jam on Hawthorne now offers a vegan scramble with their house spice mix of basil, oregano and cumin.

8/20/07 Jam on Hawthorne’s updated menu also includes the new addition of a vegan tofu wrap as well as wheat-free (though not gluten free) blueberry chai pancakes. Personally, I found them too thick for me and a little short on blueberries, but pleasant and a nice change of pace if I’m ever just not in the mood for a scramble. They’re served with earth balance margarine and maple syrup at no extra charge.

Chai Blueberry Wheat free pancakes
end of august 07 001

Breakfast Scramble with hashbrowns and toast

*Vegan Scramble plate with house spice mix
August 2007 004


Rating: 4.25 out of 5
Address: 2239 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Portland, OR 97214
Hours: T-F 7:30-2:30pm, Sat-Sun 7:30-3pm


7 responses to “Jam on Hawthorne

  1. Jam on Hawthorne is included in the 2008 Entertainment Book – not sure why, since the place was hopping at 10am on Saturday, Dec. 15. The vegan tofu scramble had more flavor than most tofu scrambles I’ve had in restaurants, and I was offered soy marg when I ordered my toast dry. Very nice! I was with two young and VERY picky (non-veggie) kids, one of whom enjoyed the kids French toast (cinnamon and frosting!), and the other who scarfed down the lemon ricotta pancakes (we panicked when we were told Jam doesn’t make plain pancakes, because this little boy is P-I-C-K-Y, but the waitress told us the flavor is mild, and we didn’t tell the little guy they were different, and he didn’t seem to realize it either. Phew!) I’m guessing the coffee was Stumptown, even though the E-Book said they serve Shrimptown Coffee. WTF?! LOL Also, service was ery attentive (though not ’til we were seated, and we didn’t realize right away there was a waiting list, since no one seemed to notice a tall man with 2 small children standing inside the restaurant (note: there’s no real space for standing inside, though once on the waiting list, we got to sit on a small bench immediately next to the single, unisex restroom – classy). I give this 4 for food, 2.5 for vegan-friendly (not many diverse/interesting choices), 4 for service (MUCH better – nicer, faster, knowledgeable than Vita Cafe), and 2 for ambiance.

    (BTW – found the Stumptown Vegans site by Googling to see if Jam on Hawthorne has a website – I don’t know yet, since this site came up early in results and intrigued me.) Go veggie! 🙂

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  7. this place is NOT vegan-friendy, they are only trying to get that market to go there by putting things on their menu. We got brunch there and had the tofu scramble which was killer until one of us took a bite with f*kin meat in it. It was pretty repulsive. We told our waitress whose response was “oh, that’s the hazards of a shared grill” and fake smile and nothing else. No offer to comp it, no offer to have a new one made maybe in a different pan, nothing. So if you think its vegan friendly, your kinda kidding yourself.

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