India Chaat House

April 20, 2007
Times Visited: Average 1 time a week

The lunch special changes daily with three constants: basmati rice, fresh & hot naan, and dal tarka. Two other main course items frequently change including vegetable masala, channa masala, aloo gobi and aloo maatar among others. The dishes tend to be mild, but hot sauce is always available free of charge. Specify the ‘vegan’ if you’re uncertain about something, they are always happy to accommodate you. Please note the naan is always vegan, YEAH! And the garlic naan is to die for.
Beware: the “Big, Big, Big Lunch Special” is a massive amount of food. You can always split it if you’re feeling cheap, or do what I do, save it for dinner.
There are many side options available as well, including, but not limited to: roti, samosas, pakoras, stuffed naan and veganizable mango lassi. Check out the chaat options on the menu as well.

Always a bang for you buck with the lunch special being $5!

Example Lunch Specials:
Chaat House Lunch Special

Chaat House - Lunch Special

Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Address: 804 SW 12th Ave. Portland, OR 97205
Hours: M-Sat. 11-7pm with lunch specials daily at 11-4pm


12 responses to “India Chaat House

  1. I used to live one block from this place and I never got tired of the food. This place is amazing. Get the lunch special!

  2. Oh man, do I love this place! I’ve been going here regularly for about 4 years, and even though the prices have been raised several times it is still an excellent value. The channa bhature on the chaat menu is my favorite – it comes with special fried naan and delish!

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  9. Today when I went to India Chaat House for lunch, I noticed a cart right “next door” called Bombay Chaat House. I didn’t ask about it, but I just googled it, and found this:

    “Mr. India Chaat House told me his crazy ex wife and her family were trying to open up a competing cart, and were threatening him. The new cart was (not active) but literally next door – Bombay Chaat House. He doesn’t know if it will be all-veg, and is really, understandably, bothered by it. I think they may have unveiled it while he was away in India recently.”


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